Free Iphone 7 trade up deal from Sept 2016.  STILL NO CREDIT!


    Did anyone else do the free iphone 7 if you trade in an iphone 6 last September?@  The promo was that your phone was free, and that you'd get statement credits each month so that you didn't pay anything for your new phone.  Also, if you traded in a 5/c/s you'd get credits so that your phone only cost you $250. Here's a link to an article about the deal and a screen shot of the promo from the t mobile site.


    T-Mobile's free iPhone 7 offer will end this Sunday - TmoNews


    Well, I did the deal with 3 phones but I am still trying to get my credits!!  I don't know if T mobile thought I wouldn't notice, but they continued to bill me the EIP and I received no credits.  Unfortunately for me, I didn't notice until about May 2017.  I've been trying to get the issue resolved, and get what I promised ever since.  Is there one out there who can help me, or anyone at t-mobile who would talk to me about this? I've spent more hours on the phone than a care to quantify, and though I have received some credits on my account, I still haven't received what I was promised.

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