T-Mobile SIM for Audi Connect


    Has anyone gotten a T-Mobile SIM working with Audi Connect (for 2015 model year and newer, Audi went with AT&T as a provider for their SIM cards).  I am able to swap the AT&T SIM out and a data connect does establish, WiFi hot spot, and Google maps all work, however, all of the Connect services time out.  I'd rather not spend $20/mo for ATT, when I can get a tablet T-Mo SIM for $10/mo.


    I believe that the T-Mobile APN is not permitted by the Audi back-end or maybe it's an IPv6 thing?


    I did notice that the APN when using the AT&T provided SIM is (as expected) different - APN1.AUDIUSA.COM vs FAST.T-MOBILE.COM


    Anyone have pre-2015 APN settings for T-Mobile Audi Connect?

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