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Why does your service effing suck?


    The coverage is terrible. The customer service is terrible, the website does not work half the time, the App on the phone freezes constantly, terrible reception in a well populated area. I am very very sorry I left Verizon to save $30 a month

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Why does your service effing suck?

        Oh my magenta2397325!


        That's super sad you've had such a tough time. What kind of phone are you using? Have you taken a look at specific addresses on our coverage map? That'll give you an idea of what kind of coverage you'll get wherever you go.


        What's the app you're using that's causing the phone to freeze? Was it something pre-installed or downloaded?


        What exactly is going on with the website?


        Giving you great customer service is really important and it let's me down knowing we didn't give that to you. I sent you a private message. Please reply to that and I can make sure this is report to our internal support teams. I know this has been rough for you, but we appreciate all of the feedback.

        • drnewcomb2

          Re: Why does your service effing suck?

          Well Effing is on Discworld and T-Mobile doesn't cover there. (Sorry, it just came out.)


          Seriously, there's a lot of invective in your post but not a lot of details. Maybe you could fill us in a bit on the fiddly-bits, like where you're located, what phone you're using and what issues you're having with customer service. Maybe then we can provide some suggestions.

          • regretfulcustomer

            everybody hate's customer service , me as well .

            it only took 6 hours to figure out i was lied too and when i called i was laughed at for switching by support staff.

            all they had to say was it is time for you to find another carrier.

            so you may as well follow it too ,go back to where you were and good luck

            • magenta3483490

              Re: Why does your service effing suck?

              So, I recently got T-Mobile, hoping that the speeds are awesome (as it is promised by T-Mo). I live in the Baltimore area, up north a little bit.

              To the positive - I finally have a T-Mo service in my house, and it was absent all these years. So - yey. However, the speed is not great - only in vicinity of 1.5 mbs.

              Ordered the 4G extender - it did increase speeds, but with some consequences - I have a headache every time I turn the range extender on. Not cool.

              Another thing I noticed, driving around the Baltimore - the service is mostly present everywhere, but the speeds sometimes are dismal, even though I have almost full bars. That is something that is of concern.

              Other than that - I am satisfied with t-mo service reps. They are friendly and helpful

              • magenta2397325

                Re: Why does your service effing suck?

                T mobile is the amateur hour when it comes to cell phone companies. No call back regarding issues, the runaround when calling to resolve issues, website is terrible  the app is a disgrace, terrible reception, echoes on calls, every other word is heard during calls,. I am Very sorry I left Verizon. I have lost clients because of this this.