Cannot move on....


    Contacted T-Mobile today to pay the final bill for our services.  We recently had to move to AT&T due to no signal in TN.  My wife in July, proceeded to close out accounts with T-Mobile but they forgot to close out two lines that were never used.  T-Mobile did not close out the account and kept billing July and August.  They also went ahead and suspended the account in August.  So when I called in today to make final arrangements with my last month payment...they told me the account is suspended and I cannot close out the remaining numbers until I pay fees to make the account active again.


    I was sent to 3 departments and nobody could/would help me resolve a simple billing issue.

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        All lines and accounts must be up to date with no balance to close. After you are paid up you can close accounts.

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          Hey there! If you requested to cancel all your lines and we missed two of them, this is definitely something that we will need to correct. Since this will involve some pretty thorough account investigation, I would recommend that you reach out to our T-Force team on Facebook or Twitter using the links in my signature. They will be able to access your account and look things over.

          • magenta2493289

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            You need to realize that T-Mobile customer service is worse than Comcast!!!! Is a game they play to collect on unsuspecting victims. I too have fallen victim to the T-Mobile games. They will tell you anything when selling a product and then change the billing after the fact. No one and i mean no one can or is willing to make things right. I will be looking for a new service, not because the phone service is bad. Just the contrary, its very good but the customer service is terrible. I will be surprised if you ever get the matter settled. T-moblie's customer service is designed to be a black hole that once you fall into it you can't get out. Service reps will tell you anything. For example I asked the last three reps I spoke to what was my monthly service cost. I got three different answers.  Compatible promotional plans quickly become incompatible once you change and they won't rectify the problem even after urging the playing of the recorded lines when the order was placed. All i can tell you and anyone i can reach is to stay away from t-mobile. Go somewhere else you will save money in the long run. Just my two cents.