Content of bloatware for S8, J3, other phones?


    I'm looking to upgrade my phone, and have consistently been disappointed by the amount of bloatware on most devices. But I noticed something really galling the other day, while looking at phones at a TMobile store. The Galaxy S8, which comes with 64GB of storage, seems to consistently have 26.9 GB set aside as "system" storage. Does anyone with a new S8 know if that's true out of the box? (The J3, on the other hand, with 16GB internal storage, "only" has about 8 GB of system/bloatware.) What is all the extra stuff? Is it fancy Samsung apps to show off all the flagship features. or TMobile bloat?

    Even the MotoZ2, which is supposed to be as close to stock Android as you can get without buying a Pixel, uses 16-17 GB of system storage on the demo units. Also true out of the box?

    Thanks in advance to all you early adopters!


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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, tmankad! This is a good question, I'm sorry none of our S8 users chimed in here so far! Our internal specs only show the total memory/storage of a device, not the amount available to the user, so this goes beyond the info we have available and sadly, I don't use any of these devices myself! I did look up the general specs provided by PhoneScoop -- you can see all three on a side by side here: Phonescoop comparison -- and the amount of memory available to the user that they have listed for the S8 is definitely higher than what you saw in the store. The display you looked at -- did it have the VR set up nearby? I'm wondering if maybe some of that content was taking up the space.


        - Marissa