DIGITS Line Activation Issue in S7 Edge


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    This issue is particularly interesting that I was recently hit and trying to resolve. As you know i have LG G5 and Galaxy S7 Edge. I have a DIGITS T&T line ending in in 2120. Apparently, I can activate 2120 in LG G5 using my T-MO ID but I cannot activate 2120 in S7 Edge and in S7 Edge it continuously says "failed". No other error messages appear.


    I have done following troubleshooing:


    1. Logged out of Multi-line settings and cleared the app cache

    2. Cleared the cache partition.

    3. Did Twice Master Reset or Factory Reset of S7 Edge

    4. Swiped the SIM card between G5 and S7 Edge


    But could not make 2120 active in S7 Edge. 2120 gets activated in DIGITS app in all platforms. Its that S7 Edge in which it fails to activate. Lodged a ticket via Ticket ID # 24044023 but so far nothing has happened. Any ideas what may be causing this issue? Can it be the case that S7 Edge got blacklisted for 2120 as DIGITS?


    PS: Other DIGITS lines activate fine in S7 Edge.

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