Got a V10 in june 2016 , but started heating up when i recorded video ,most likely i use the phone for email and video proof due work related issues, SUDDENLY IT DIED ON ME  when i was writing an email th morning of the 5 of august,'IT WASNT EVEN HOT ,as usual, in that very moment" . then I went to 3 stores, no one could give an honest support, what it really pissed me off is the lack of an statement , because no one is on the same page, it looks that i am much more informed than any tmobile employee.

    Then i started investigating, and Tmobile sold these devices , knowing the potential of problems related to circuit heating issues, BUT DID NOTHING AT ALL, and I am still paying the phone !!!!

    I contacted LG, they replay but mentioned about firstly going to carrier, since i visited 3 stores already ,that wasnt help, I do not think is fair in my situation to be paying for a piece of thech that you guys know was a potential risk of fail.

    The information that i have lost on it ,is worth thousands

    What T-Mobile is doing to help resolves these problems?

    Is the Manufaturer backing up the carrier in these issues?

    How can I trust agan the brand and their products, since all efforts were unsucesfull?

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      • Important information should always be kept on an external hard drive or a cloud account.  Backups should be regular habit.


        The issue has most often been handled through manufacturer warranty repair or replacement. Tmobile handles this for a $25 charge if you don't have insurance and you get a replacement sent in 2 days. With insurance is $5. If outside manufacturers warranty period you either pay to repair out of pocket or use extended warranty through T mobile to handle the replacement.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: LG V10 BOOT LOOP SUPPORT

          Hey there, ridgewooduser. I'm so sorry to read about your V10. Having a phone suddenly die like that is so frustrating, especially if there's information that gets lost in the process.

          Although the warranty is honored by the manufacturer, we do offer a supplemental warranty for our customers to ease the exchange process (by typically providing a quicker turnaround) within the manufacturer's one year warranty period, and an extended warranty is included in the device protection program if you've elected for that option. It pains me to read that we weren't more helpful in our retail locations -- is your device still covered by the warranty, or do you have insurance on your line that would extend it? If so, we can, and would love to make this right. Please Contact Us so that we can get the ball rolling on a replacement.


          - Marissa

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              Re: LG V10 BOOT LOOP SUPPORT

              Also to note, t mobile doesn't manufacturer the devices but lg does. This program was not evident when the product was released but came to light over time. Lg did identify the affecting a number of their models but not present on all of the phones but a limited number of people had this issue. Due to this LG did identify it as a program and resolved in manufacturing so that new and refurbished devices should not have the problem. Last i heard lg had an extended repair program for affected devices. If you are out of the standard one year warranty you should be able to contact lg for repair options assuming there is no physical damage to the phone.

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                • ridgewooduser

                  Re: LG V10 BOOT LOOP SUPPORT

                  Thank you for the info

                  • ridgewooduser

                    Re: LG V10 BOOT LOOP SUPPORT

                    Hi there

                    I have already run out of warranty BUT THE OHONE PHYSICALLY IS ON A STATE


                    It happens that I am still paying the month to month payments , BUT SINCE

                    IT WAS THE CARRIER AND MANUFACTURER responsibility for the units behaviour

                    , I NEED ANSWERS,

                    As well there are files worth many thousands with information that wasn't

                    backed to cloud. , since I work with emails and investor information

                    It is something I can't accept , while i am a very good mobile customer

                    Always pay my phones más Tere are a lot under this plan , is there some way