Nintendo Switch Nat Types and T-Mobile on Alcatel Linkzon




    I've been trying for several days to (unsuccessfully) use an Alcatel Linkzone Hotspot to connect a Nintendo Switch to the internet for online Gameplay. The device can connect to the internet and resolve web based tests. However the issue lies in the Peer to Peer nature of the gaming services. Regardless of IP Filtering, Port Forwarding Rules or setting a static IP address for the Nintendo Switch and assigning that IP to the DMZ in the Alcatel Management there is no change in reported NAT type from Nintendo - Nate Type D (Strict).  I've tried changing the MTU size and DNS servers as well with no progress being made. Because of this using the hotspot with the Nintendo Switch (the main appeal of having a hotspot and exploring T-Mobile's Services) has proven to be frustrating and disappointing.

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      • lyreocide

        Spoke with customer service and they wanted to refer me to Alcatel. The basics is that T-Mobile and the Alcatel Linkzone device do not look like they will work. If you are exploring this as an option for Nintendo on the go, look to another provider.

        • tmo_chris

          Well that is a bummer! The mobile hotspots we sell are not necessarily intended to be used for online gaming as the configuration options they offer are pretty limited. The primary function of a mobile hotspot is to provide the user with internet access for activities such as browsing the web and streaming media content. As a gamer myself, I totally feel your pain. While I do not own a Switch, I have run into similar issues with console gaming on a hotspot.