DIGITS current missing features and bugs review


    After using DIGITS for a few weeks, I decided to go ahead and post the below list of bugs and missing features on each platform I used DIGITS on . Hopefully someone can pass these on to the developers of the product to make it much better than what it is today.

    Overall it's a fair start, but there are many bugs and issues with the product that will prevent it from becoming a true reliable cross device/platform messaging service resulting in poor user experience.


    Android apps bugs and issues:


    - Each SMS notification is waking up the screen. This was done by design I assume to help with real time syncing of messages and sync when messages are read on other devices. This however kills the device's battery and has privacy concerns. All other SMS apps receive notifications without waking up the screen each time. Please allow us to turn this feature on/off. If you look at an app called Pulse SMS on android, it does just that without waking the screen each time.

    - The Android image picker has been broken since the service was launched. If you want to send someone a photo, you can only send a photo that is stored locally on the device. Most Android phones use Google Photos which stores images in the cloud (in addition to the gallery app provided by OEMs). You can choose an image from Google Photos but it will not send in DIGITS unless it is stored locally on your phone. Other messaging apps don't seem to have this issue when sending photos so this can probably be fixed easily.

    - The native Android share features is completely broken for digits. This has been the case since the product was launched. Open your photo gallery app, chose a photo and try to share to DIGITS, a strange menu appears and it does nothing. Photos must be chosen only from within the DIGITS app which is not how Android works.

    - Sending of GIFs sends them as none animated, regular photos. This is a bug I assume as GIFs that are sent TO DIGITS from someone work fine and sending a GIF from DIGITS on the web works fine as well.

    - The app does not support gboard's GIF options which is native to Android.

    - The app works relatively smooth on the Galaxy S8, but is extremely not smooth at all on the Galaxy Tab S3. This needs to be worked on.


    iOS apps bugs and issues:


    - App does not support the 12.9'' iPad resolution. It's a simply a blown up version of the 9.7'' iPad resolution and looks awful.

    - App does not support split screen on any of the iPad models tested. Being able to multi task with a messaging app is imperative.

    - App does not support the native iOS share menu, which means that if you would like to send an image from the iPad's photos app as a text message via digits, you can't. It must be done internally via the digits app.

    - App does not support Apple's CallKit for incoming calls and dialing directly from iOS's contacts app. This is a pretty awesome feature iOS has and it's interesting how T-Mobile did not include this for an app that's primary purpose is calling and texting.

    - Bluetooth has been broken on the iOS apps since launch. Try to make a call when using a Bluetooth headset and the audio is cutting in/out like crazy. I tested on an iPhone and two different iPads and with various headsets. It's not my setup, it's the app. All other apps work fine with Bluetooth.

    - Like the Android app, you can receive, but not send, animated GIFs. When you try to send it will send it a regular none animated image.

    - Many emojis received in a text, show Unicode letters instead of an emoji. Oddly this does not happen on the Android app but does happen on the web app.



    With all the above issues and bugs, I would have to say that the end user experience is rather poor.

    I understand that the product is in early stages and would appreciate if T-Mobile can at least confirm it is aware of some of the above bugs/issues and a plan to address them with an ETA.


    Thank you,

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      • gkg919

        Re: DIGITS current missing features and bugs review

        I'm finding DIGITS to be really buggy for SMS. I ported in my Google Voice number to replace it with DIGITS, and I see now that was premature.


        I never know whether SMS will go to my mobile device or to the DIGITS client on my computer. If I send a message from my computer, the response usually, but not always, comes in on my phone. The reverse has been true as well. Rarely have I been able to carry on a conversation without switching between my phone and my computer.


        I've been in touch with the DIGITS support team, and they just tell me that everything looks fine and that they will open a ticket with the engineering team.

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