iPhone Integration with DIGITS pain points

    1. I'm not able to RECEIVE group SMS messages to my DIGITS line (I can send, I just cant get any replies back from NON T-MO customers).
    2. I get multiple alerts for each message, sometimes no alerts at all..
    3. Sometimes the phone doesn't ring on the actual phone but it will on my Mac.
    4. Fast Application switching (double tap the home button in iOS) causes DIGITS app to lock up and eventually force close; this doesn't happen right away but after a few days of use post install. I have to frequently clear the memory and kill the app in order to get it to work right but as soon as I switch to another app and try to switch back it locks up again..


    I'm frustrated and sad that this isn't a bit more stable.. I left AT&T because this is a ground breaking feature that I've needed for a very long time and so far it's paralyzing me! :-(

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: iPhone Integration with DIGITS pain points

        Sorry to hear DIGITS has got you this rattled marksatx23. We really wanna make sure it's in tip-top form for you.


        1. Do you notice this happening in the standard message app too? Are these long text messages or pictures coming from these senders? Also, is it all Non-T-Mobile numbers or ones from a specific carrier?

        2. When you say you get multiple alerts, is it for the same message after you've already checked it?

        3. Does the phone light up or give any other indication that  you're getting a call?

        4. Have you tried using the phone without multiple apps running in the back ground? Do you restart your phone regularly?  You may also want to check the phone's software and make sure that's up to date.


        DIGITS is a really awesome feature and I want it to work better for you so please keep us posted on this. Thanks!

          • marksatx23

            Re: iPhone Integration with DIGITS pain points

            Hi Mike thanks for your reply, here's my answers:


            1. Yes, it appears it may be something with the integration between carriers- I ported my phone numbers in from AT&T so who knows what kind of creative things they did on my way out!


            2. Multiple notifications typically for text messages- usually a minimum of 2 and sometimes 4 for each message. This is prior to having checked the message.


            3. No, the phone doesn't indicate it's even receiving a call at all. I get the feeling it could have to do with the app locking up randomly.


            4. Yes, I killed all apps (and I do constantly). When the DIGITS app is acting really bad I have to kill it, then dump the memory (hold down the power button, then hold down the home button once the power off screen appears). Only then will it re-load and run somewhat decent for a while, if I switch to another app and try to switch back- all bets are off and things get crazy again.@

              • tmo_mike_c

                Re: iPhone Integration with DIGITS pain points

                1. If this is happening with the standard messaging app too, this wouldn't be a problem with DIGITS itself. This could be more on your particular phone's network connection. Normally our engineers can fix this with a Trouble Ticket.


                2. Is it just the sound of the notification, or are you getting multiple screen notifications of the same messages?


                3. Does it do this for every call or just certain numbers? If you take the app off the phone for a bit, then test it out, does the same thing happen?


                4. If the phone has any other 3rd party messaging apps, can you removing them temporarily and then retest? I'd like to know if DIGITS stops throwing a tantrum if it's the only messaging app other than the pre-installed one.