Shortcode messages not coming through


    I am not sure when it started but shortcode messages are not coming through to my digits PC app or duplicate device.

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      • tmo_evan

        Re: Shortcode messages not coming through

        Sorry that this is an inconvenience.  We recently changed the system slightly and are now requiring short code providers to "opt-in" for having messages delivered to all additional devices (besides the SIM'd device).  They are starting to work on that process and for most short codes, it's only a matter of time before you'll be able to get them again on all your devices.

          • debjitjdv

            Re: Shortcode messages not coming through



            I have a question for you. I receive text alerts from my banks like Chase, Credit Card transaction details from BofA, Discover Amex etc. And all those alerts come via short codes. You said in your post that short code providers are in the process of opting-in to the modified system. Will these opt-in includes banks like Chase, BofA, Amex, Discover etc? My understanding is that these banks hire or rent the short codes from some providers but not sure if thats correct. Once all the short code providers opt-in, shall I receive text alerts in all my devices.


            The problem is a little bit tricky in my case since my DIGITS Talk and Text BETA Promo number has been set as the Text Alert number in everything including in my banks and credit cards. Since it's a non-SIMed number, I am not receiving any text alerts at all in any of my devices or DIGITS app. Please suggest.

            • katycomputersystems

              This "recent change" limits the value of DIGITS to your customers. I fail to understand why we cannot determine the fate of these shortcode SMS messages.


              Perhaps management can re-think this recent change and allow the messages to flow through to all of our devices.