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Coverage Map Inaccurate (actually it lies)


    I was recently on vacation and putting in the address where I was staying on the coverage map clearly showed a "Fair Signal" with 4G LTE coverage for my daughter's iPhone 7.  My Galaxy Avant showed the same.  I'd purchased it via MetroPCS and when I was with that subsidiary, their version of the map showed the same.  I also have a Motorola G5 plus.  The iPhone wouldn't connect at all , inside or out, until I turned on Data Roaming and it certainly didn't get anything approaching 4G LTE speeds.  The Galaxy Avant got not data at all.  Ironically, the Motorola worked best, but showed Roaming with HSPDA service, not LTE.
    Walking around the area never achieved any 4G LTE coverage, despite entering the addresses on their coverage map showing it should.  Admittedly, much of the surrounding area only comes up as "Partner Coverage", but these specific addresses show 4G LTE.  My complaint is that if the iPhone 7 can't get it, what phone currently possibly could when they've been showing 4G LTE on their map for at least the past two summers?  I contacted support and just got the "not every phone..." response.  Isn't that why their coverage map ASKS what phone you have?  This seems like a clear case of misrepresentation as I have no doubt no T-Mobile compatible phone is capable of getting 4G LTE service at those addresses and will be charged roaming data and not use the native unlimited data.  As such, I've already filed a complaint with the FTC.

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      • cesaribenitez95

        The coverage is just a reference at best. Now there is an known issue with iphone7, apple messed up with the software doesn't matter on what network you are on, you don't get good coverage. But what area you in, please do not post your address but like the zip code would be fine. To see the map. You may just need a cell spot, which you can get by calling care or if you are lucky a local store.

          • cdrood

            The zip code alone won't work.  That just gives the center of town where it says Partner Coverage.  It's the specific addresses of the community I'm in that clearly show 4G LTE.  I can't say it's an iPhone 7 issue because other phones T-Mobile does sell or has sold in the past show 4G LTE as well and there is no such thing for those either.  This is clearly a case of bold face lying about coverage that clearly doesn't exist.  I'm really not that upset about the coverage, but the false claims of such coverage that has been going on for well over a year and probably more.  Heck, more popluated towns in the area only show "Partner Coverage". 

          • cesaribenitez95

            Are you using metro or t mobile map? Cause I can see a bit of a difference. Also T-mobile is upgrading the network so a lot of area are getting affected. I live in San Antonio,  TX and even thou I should get LTE, I don't due to tower upgrade. And also take in the fact that T-mobile and metro still work as separate entities. Metro has contracts for network usage that it can't share with T-mobile and visresa.

            • miket

              Re: Coverage Map Inaccurate (actually it lies)

              Complaint w. FTC, really? ?   You stated the map shows on "FAIR" coverage. Coverage maps aren't meant to be accurate down to a specific street address.

              • drnewcomb2

                Re: Coverage Map Inaccurate (actually it lies)

                Most people understand that "Fair" on T-Mobile's maps translates to "Maybe outdoors, nothing inside".

                If you click the "Map and Services Info" link at the lower right corner of the page, you will get a yard-long disclaimer that says it's all made up and you've been warned, so you don't have any basis to complain to about it.

                • tmo_amanda

                  Re: Coverage Map Inaccurate (actually it lies)

                  Hey, cdrood!


                  Welcome to the T-Mobile Support Community! As technology advances, it also gets more complicated. Think back to the times where only 2G was available - almost every cell phone would be able to connect to their provider's towers. Fast forward to today where there is now 2G/3G/4G/4GLTE not even mentioning GSM and UMTS. (I'm sure our resident signal gurus like drnewcomb2 and cesaribenitez95 can add more to that list.) One of our goals at T-Mobile is to make things simple and it sounds like our coverage map hasn't been of any help.

                  Carl Rood wrote:

                  My complaint is that if the iPhone 7 can't get it, what phone currently possibly could when they've been showing 4G LTE on their map for at least the past two summers?  I contacted support and just got the "not every phone..." response.  Isn't that why their coverage map ASKS what phone you have?


                  That's one feature I love about our coverage map -- the ability to break down what towers your specific phone should be able to connect to. You've made it clear that this is a specific area/neighborhood that you're having issues with the iPhone 7 along with the Galaxy Avant being unable to pick up any sort of data. I'm happy to take a closer look at that area to see if I can dig-up some answers for you as well as send feedback to our coverage map team, if need be. I'm going to send you a private message (to get the street address) which you can view in your inbox here.

                  • magenta4184072

                    I am right with you. I, too, feel deceived. On two counts:


                    1. When shopping for cellphone services, T-Mobile knows, and banks on, people only looking at their coverage map from a distance. Zoomed out to the default national level, LOOK AT ALL OF THE RED! What wonderful coverage! Sign me up! Oh sure, I can hear the T-Mobile people thinking that it's not their fault that I did not zoom into the specific places I need coverage. Again, T-Mobile counts on us not to do that.That is not telling the whole truth up front......and that's dishonest.


                    2. When I was in my local T-Mobile mall store, somehow it never came up that my iPhone 6+ is not compatible with the frequencies available in the areas in which I need service.


                    Not bothering to mention that PLUS them not having me/them check specific up-close map locations & the misleading online map is outright dishonest....indeed, lying. I don't play that. Jumping ship from T-Mobile is on my to-do list for today.

                    • magenta3712289

                      Hello I had an LG phone and now have a Note 8. I am in Colorado with the same problem. At 5638 County Road 102 Guffey, CO shows that I should get a fair signal, I do not. If you fallow the road west I still do not get a signal not until I get to Divide, Colorado, with patchy spots around Twin Rocks Road. Also north of the 5638 location up Thirtynine Mile Road, no service until Eleven Mile Reservoir. The map shows signal all down CR 102 & CR11. the only thing I get and have gotten is "emergency calls only" signal.