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    Hi - We moved into a new building there are 2 new buildings on this corner 150 N. Riverside; River Point at 444 W. Lake St. this is north of the Boeing building.  I noticed that on the CTA stretch over the river going from Clinton CTA stop over the river its a 1-bar deadspot.  We dont get any signal in our building at 150 N Riverside but someone ordered the LTE repeater which should fix that.  Just seems like in this north-west corner of the loop, and going over the river on the CTA this is a huge Tmobile deadspot.  Just wanted to let people know. picture of the area: 150 N. Riverside and River Point from the Chicago... - The Man On Five   Riding on the CTA is pretty high up since its elevated over the river suprised I dont get any usable signal.  Thanks!


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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Chicago Deadspot Loop

        Hi there, fetters! Thanks for stopping by our Community to let us know about this! I wanted to take a look at this spot on our Coverage Map, but I found two different addresses for Clinton CTA stops. Are you having this experience at the Lake St station or the Clinton St location? Can I also ask what type of phone you're using? We'd love to check this out and see if it's coverage as expected or if there's an issue in the area! Thank you.


        - Marissa

          • fetters

            Re: Chicago Deadspot Loop

            We tried getting a TMoble LTE Repeater and we set it up in our office followed the directions but it didn't work. We are all IT professionals so we understand tech gear but it didn't work unfortunately even though the window unit showed 3 bars. Everyone at our location gets one bar in our building.  Everyone has IPhone 6 and 7.  Our building is 150 N Riverside Plaza. The CTA stop is on Clinton street.

              • tmo_chris

                Re: Chicago Deadspot Loop

                Thanks for clarifying! I am sorry to hear that the LTE repeater did not work for you Looking at that area, we have some pretty solid coverage so it is odd that you are getting 0-1 bars of signal. I am not seeing any outages or maintenance going on at a high level but I would recommend that you Contact Us so our tech teams can take a closer look at the specific location and escalate up a service ticket if needed.

                  • fetters

                    Re: Chicago Deadspot Loop

                    At our new building, Verizon and ATT are connected to the "DAS" (the buildings distributed antenna system) but said T-Mobile wasnt going to be connected until "next year". I wonder why. 

                      • tmo_chris

                        Re: Chicago Deadspot Loop

                        Hmmm, I am not sure about that. Is that what our tech support teams told you when you called?

                          • bwchi

                            Re: Chicago Deadspot Loop

                            I can confirm the same issue.


                            Our office is 155 N Wacker Dr (NE Randolph/Wacker corner).


                            I have 1-2 bars LTE inside the building, but there's barely any data coming through.


                            I switched from AT&T a month ago.

                            They connected to the antenna system about a year ago and I always had full reception and good speeds in the building.


                            Please figure out the building antenna access.


                            Thank you

                              • fetters

                                Re: Chicago Deadspot Loop



                                so i noticed in our building lobby I get 4 bars

                                on the train green line over the river I see 3 bars

                                now.  On the street level 4 bars.  So I suspect

                                that the antennas only cover street level the

                                higher up in elevation the signal diminishes.


                                as far as the building DAS we were told by

                                the building tmobile will be connected next

                                year. i don't know from the tmobile side

                                anything can be done to expedite that.


                                on the window that faces the Boeing building

                                i can get 3 bars but move away from the south

                                window and it drops inside the building to 1 bar

                                we tried a tmobile LTE booster but didn't work


                                whatever small signal inside the building

                                i think that the devices can't transmit back

                                from what I see the higher up the building floors

                                signal decreases to unusable which means

                                the tmobile antennas are pointed to cover

                                the pedestrian level


                                i know it's tricky to get signal inside building

                                especially when in Chicago tmobile doesn't

                                have LTE band 12 liscense. It's not the fault

                                of  tmobile


                                just wish our building would hurry up and

                                connect tmobile to the DAS



                                  • tmo_chris

                                    Re: Chicago Deadspot Loop

                                    Thanks for the updates folks! I have been in tech support for almost 12 years now at T-Mobile and the Loop has been one of those areas that has proved troublesome haha. While we are always working to make improvements to the area, I think that our best course of action in the interim is going to be one of our indoor coverage solutions like Wi-Fi calling, Signal booster, or our LTE Cell Spot.

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