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    I've had this prepaid FDFL sim forever, but now that tmobile stopped new activations on it, theyve quit support for even older existing users. My tablet FSR cant get data, i think its bc its not tmobile branded/bought from tmobile. So i went to the tmobile FDFL support forum page to tried and get it whitelisted, and now the thread is locked. I contacted tforce, and they wont help me bc they said the sim cant be used by non tmobile tablets and the sim cant switch tablets, WTF? This is contrary to everything ive experienced and read.


    I just need to speak w/ someone who knows what the hell they are doing. Please help!


    Device: ZTE Zpad from US Cellular

    TAC [1st 8 digits from IMEI(D)]: 99000608




    PS: Tmo_Marty, please unlock the old thread/start a new thread, or do something, for supporting existing FDFL customers

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hi, mickchanning94. I'm sure it wasn't a stellar surprise to hunt for the Official Free Data for Life discussion: Can my device get FDFL? thread and find it locked. I know Marty updated the post prior to locking it, but I double checked our internal info to be sure -- as of May 7, 2017, the FDFL offer has been grandfathered. Existing users can continue to take advantage of FDFL on their current tablets, but new tablets won't be supported or whitelisted.

        The offer was intended as Free Data For (your tablet's) Life, although I totally understand that the whitelisting thread ran counter to that mentality. I think it was an effort to go above and beyond and allow the maximum number of folks to take advantage of the offer; but now that the offer has concluded, so has the whitelisting process. Thanks for reaching out here, and I'm sorry for the let down!


        - Marissa

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          • mickchanning94

            Seriously?! So basically you guys are forcing us to buy tmobile tablets if we want to keep using our fdfl sims then? I understand not allowing new activation, but not whitelisting and not allowing sim swapping is quitting support for grandfathered existing customers also, and basically forcing us off. thats messed up & its BS.

              • tmo_marissa

                I understand that sentiment. It's not that we're asking existing FDFL pass holders to move to TMO equipment -- since the offer was intended for the life of the tablet, the offer stops with the current tablet you're using it on (basically, the tablet it was activated on prior to the date that the offer was grandfathered). If you upgraded to a new T-Mobile device, the FDFL offer wouldn't follow it. Again, I know it's not what you expected or what FDFL users (especially here in the forum) are accustomed to, and I'm sorry to be the bearer of this news!


                - Marissa