Coverage issues in Las Vegas.  Please help!


    It has been about 20 years now.


    No coverage in Las Vegas.


    Are there any plans to actually provide service. I mean provide, not sell. Maps show great coverage, but you could be right next to a tower and have zero network.

    This applies to cell phones and wifi devices.


    Not even emergency 911 coverage shows up.


    I'd call customer service but of course there is no network.


    Not at home (89122)

    Not at work  (89119 or 89106)

    Not when roaming around NW.

    Not when roaming around Henderson.


    About the only place it works is in some parts of McCarran Airport.

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      • drnewcomb2

        Someone's getting coverage. Here's Sensorly's LTE map at 89119: T-MOBILE 4G | See coverage map & speedtest map - Sensorly


        What phone(s) are you using?

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        • tmo_amanda

          Happy Saturday, mike_lv!


          Something doesn't quite add up here. Service in Las Vegas and more specifically the three areas you mentioned is strong. Granted, we do have modernization being completed near your work. drnewcomb2 asked the million dollar question here - what type of phone are you using? We'll be able to determine network compatibility once we know that.

            • mike_lv

              LG GS-170.

              T-Mobile has confirmed it is not the phone.

              The phone itself has been great. It has repeatedly gotten stronger signal strength when traveling when many of my traveling companions with smart phones are getting no service at all.

              I have attempted to resolve this many times over the past 2 decades.  The SIM has been swapped, the phone has been swapped.  I finally had several folks at T-Mobile admit over the years (and even this year) that there are still several holes in the network and I just happen to be lucky enough that I work, shop, live and travel in all of them in Las Vegas. Near Sunset Road and Grier, Tropicana and Boulder Highway, Blue Diamond and Decatur. Plus near many other intersections have no service. I've actually gotten decent coverage at the airport. Coverage has been good in Seattle and California. Just not in Las Vegas. I will get signal with my phone in areas where the 4G doesn't exist either (I have the hotspot) and there are a lot of holes with the 4G as well. Seems like more, but that could be the device.

                • tmo_amanda

                  Thanks for getting back to me with more info, mike_lv! Ya know, it's surprising to see the differences in basic phones vs smart phones. I've actually owned a LG GS170 before. I must say it was a durable phone. You've done most of the troubleshooting by swapping the SIM and the phone out. I checked out the areas that you provided and here's what I found:


                  • Sunset Road and Grier - You should be picking up the 1900 band from the tower that's between E Pilot Rd/Grier Dr and 171. You can expected to get a 2G/3G connection there. If you're getting zero signal, a ticket should be filed for no service through our Tech Support team.


                  • Tropicana and Boulder Highway - The 2G network in this area isn't as strong as the previous location but you should be able to hop on the 3G network. The same as above - if you're getting zero signal, a ticket should be filed for no service through our Tech Support team.


                  • Blue Diamond and Decatur - This area is a different story. You might be able to pick-up a 2G/3G signal while outside, but while inside any type of building, you likely will not get signal.


                  With more info on the specific locations you provided, I can see the holes. While there are a ton of upgrades to the towers going on in the Las Vegas area, I'm not sure that you'll reap the benefit of them due to the frequencies of your phone. It's worth a shot to talk to tech support, though.