Galaxy s7 Camera Glass Shatters on it's own


    I purchased a Galaxy s7 in August of 2016. In May I noticed the glass covering the rear camera lens was shattered. I did not drop the phone or damage it in any way, a quick Google search led to me to numerous other accounts of this happening to people. When I contacted t-mobile they would do nothing for me unless I paid a $175 dollar deductible, which is ridiculous since it is a defect with the phone. I contact Samsung and they also would do nothing. So I bite the bullet and pay Samsung $70 bucks to fix it. I get it back and it's like new. One month later the camera glass again shatters on its own. I call t-mobile and the rep tells me they will do a warranty exchange that will cost me nothing, only I have to pay my past due bill first, I tell her I will and they scheduled a follow up for a few days later. I paid the bill. The day of the scheduled call comes and they don't call. I call them and tell them what happened and what the rep told me. Nope I have to pay the $175. Ridiculous terrible customer service. I pay $700 dollars for a phone and monthly insurance payments and they won't replace a defective phone without my paying a deductible. To top it all off the customer service rep lied to me and never called me back. Horrible customer service. Shame on t-mobile and Samsung for not standing behind their customers.

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