sparq ii MMS no longer supported?


    It appears my old sparq ii no longer supports MMS.  I can't send a text to an email address (xxx@yyy.zzz) nor can I send a text that contains a picture. I used to be able to do this (though I didn't use it often) but now only the normal texting/email functions work.  It looks like the phone tries to connect to the network to send MMS but never completes the transmission.  I went to the t-mobile store and they played with the buttons but didn't know what to do; same with the telephone support.  In the end I was told to completely reset the phone which didn't seem to fix anything.  The phone is at version 03UM7C which I think is up to date, but attempt to do a system update always fail. I understand the sparq is an old model, but it's nice and compact and perfect for my needs.  It would be nice to know if MMS from the sparq ii is supposed to still work or if there is something else I can try.

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