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    Today I called customer support asking if my bank account would still be charged for my payment arrangement because I decided to pay it with my card early and was just trying to see if there would still be a deduction from my bank account. The representative did not seem to understand my question and she kept telling me that should I take my bank account off as my method of payment my services would be ibterrupted. Once again I explained to her that I was just asking would there still be a deduction from my bank account so that way I could go ahead and ensure the money was in there and there would be no overdraft charges. I realize very quickly that she was not understanding what I was saying so I asked to speak to somebody else. I was nor rude, nor was I upset. She placed me on hold and then proceeded to come back to the line and tell me that she deleted my bank account information. At that point I made it very clear to her that I did not ask her to do that and I did not authorize her to do that. There was no authorization to make any changes to my account. I told her from that point I would like to speak to a supervisor. Once again she placed me on hold came back to the line and said I went ahead and put your bank account information back. I explained to her again I didn't authorize you to make any changes to my account please transfer me to supervisor. She was extremely rude put me on hold didn't tell me to hold on just placed me on hold then came back to the line and told me there would not be a supervisor available for 45 minutes and they would call me back. At this point I told her that's not a problem I will hold. I spoke to a supervisor name Marge who repeatedly told me that the representative would be reprimanded. Even then I was empathetic and said I did not want her to be fired. I did ask her for my total balance inclusive of the remaining on my installment plans for my phones so I may pay off the balance and disconnect my services. She gave me the total and wished me a great day. The more I think about it the more upset I get. I have looked up the legality of the situation and want to know if anyone knows the arbitration process as this is a violation of the terms and agreements.

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      • cesaribenitez95

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        Mmm not sure what happens but if I got the right idea: 


        You set up a payment arrangement to be drafted from you bank account. Then made a payment with a credit card, to avoid an over draft fee.

        So you called to see if T-mobile care to see if they were going to still draft the money from your bank.


        What the csr did was deleted you bank info, yo see if that would stop the draft. But you did not want the csr to do that.


        Then you were placed on hold for 45 mins for a supervisor in a rude way from the csr. You spoke with a supervisor she told you the balance of your account and EIP.


        So you would like to know the process of arbitration?


        Well you made start by following this link Contact Us . There is also an address if you like to write, just take in mind you are mailing letters so it may take longer.


        Now side questions: Was your issue reslove?

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: Unauthorized changes

          Hey, magenta2362605!


          Welcome to our Support Community. I'm sad that we're meeting on these terms . It sounds like you were extremely cordial and calm while on the phone with us but we didn't reciprocate that and I'm truly sorry. You're right -- your payment information should have never been modified unless it was at your request. As far as the payment arrangement goes, if you paid the full payment arrangement amount prior to the automatic payment being withdrawn, then the arrangement will close in real-time. Again, I'm so sorry that you had to go through this. This wasn't a great experience and one that we can definitely learn from.


          cesaribenitez95 and I are curious if you were double-charged or if everything is correct with your account (no double-charges, etc).