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Re: Bill Issues and Customer Service


    I have so many issues with T-Mobile since the day I switched over.  I've tried so many times to get them resolved.  Now I am so frustrated I can't bring myself to deal with Cust Srv not 1 more time. (Today has been my last 2 times trying: the first time, an Agent listened to my woes with empathy; she put me on hold to see how to help; after several minutes on hold my phone dropped the call.  Of course, she had my number, but chose not to call me back).  So, I attempted again.  My give a damn is bus' up!  The 2nd call today (poor Rep) I couldn't contain my frustration with no return call, dozens of attempts to get help with the many errors, outrageous bills (40-50% of my SSDI income) and I went on about no return call; how tmobile has stolen so much from me. The Rep snapped back at me as I'm falling over the edge, "What do you mean: tmobile has stolen from you!"  I tried to explain I am too frustrated to discuss it at this time. I know, so wrong for a woman of integrity to be so rude; the straw that broke the camels' back syndrome.

    Ex of issues:  fees for installment & sim card that I was told would be credited back to my account, not receiving the promotions offered at the time (2 VRs free when I bought 2 Samsung Note 5 phones at $700 each with BOGO free.  The taxes are about $40/mo for 5 phones. I had a promotion of $110/mo. with 10 GB per phone for 5 phone services; (then tmobile did the bait & switch on me); I chose the 10 GB plan as my sister is in the country with no internet service.  I called to absolutely know that she could roam with AT&T as there is no T-Mobile where she lives.  I was told by an Agent that "yes, she would be able to roam with ATT using the 10 GB of data because there is no service of tmobile at 54521 zipcode".  After paying $700 for the phone, and several months later, I find she can only use 500 mb of data per mo.  Also, my friend in the country is limited to terrible service; and she cannot roam with a service that would possibly work.

      Well, in my defense, if this were my only stressor in life, I could cope.  Greed is all around us; working at confronting this underlying issue is overwhelming.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Bill Issues and Customer Service

        sandralee62412, this post is distressing to read. We always do our best to reach back out to a customer if a call drops, though if there is a queue then a new call immediately rolls in, making this difficult. I can't speak to exactly what happened, but I'm sorry that we weren't able to reach back out to you.

        It's tough to say whether or not this is your exact plan, but I do remember a promotional plan we offered last spring called Family Match. Before taxes and fees, the first two lines with 10GB were $120, and each additional line would add another $20. You mentioned you have five lines -- in this case, you would have a base rate of $180 before any installment plans, insurance, fees and taxes. If you're interested in AutoPay, then the T-Mobile ONE plan may be a better fit for your family -- a family of five on T-Mobile ONE with AutoPay enabled get unlimited 4G LTE device data, unlimited 3G smartphone mobile hotspot, optimized video streaming, and pay $180 monthly, but taxes and fees are included, so you could save that $40 you're currently paying. It's important in the situation you mentioned to be up front about the fact that all of our plans, including ONE, do have limits on domestic data roaming. I'm very sad to read about the misinformation you were previously given here -- I am sure this was a blow to you and doubly upsetting as it inconvenienced your family and friend. Do your sister or friend have any signal in their areas at all? If either one has high speed home internet, they might benefit from a 4G LTE CellSpot -- usually a quick review with an account rep will point this out as a solution if it's an option and we can usually ship one per account with only a minimal deposit required. 

        It would depend on when you purchased your Note 5s, but the VR promotions are largely offered by Samsung and so you have to submit your information (IMEI, and in some cases receipt images) on their site to redeem the offer. Do you remember walking through those steps?


        We definitely want the opportunity to review your plan and services with you to make sure that this is the right fit for your family and we're exploring all options here. I know you've not had the best experience calling in for assistance, but if you're interested in trying another avenue, we'd love to encourage you to reach out to our T-Force team over Twitter (@tmobilehelp) or Facebook (just click Message once you're on the T-Mobile FB page). I am branching your post to its own thread, because I don't wish to detract from the issue that the original poster was having here, but we thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback and let us know about the experience you've had.


        - Marissa