How can I increase the INTERNAL memory of my Samsung Galaxy On5?


    How can I increase the INTERNAL Memory of my Samsung Galaxy On5 phone?   NOT VIA AN SD Card but additional INTERNAL MEMORY?

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      • theartiszan

        The internal memory is part of the physical hardware. Unlike a computer,  you cannot open it up and put a larger storage device inside it. The only way to expand storage is via a sd card.

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          • cesaribenitez95

            theartiszan is right, there is no way to change the internal hard drive of your phone. Unless you can find a higher storage hard drive that FITS within the same as the original hard drive. Then find and install the stock rom for the Samsung On5. Which also voids the warranty, and its not a sure thing its going to even work. So yea....


            You may want to look into cloud storage. Like keeping your photos on Google Photo,and files on Google Drive. Also your device does support an mirco sd card. Another thing you can do is move the apps to the SD card. Now take in the fact that not all apps can be moved to the sd card, but every little bit helps right?

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