If I used up all data before the 1 week data pass expires, am I able to add another pass?


    Hi. Im returning back to US for 4 days. I usually have pay as you go plans, but since the cheapest is $45 with 4 Data and I def not gonna use that much, im looking into "pay as you go $3" deal. I estimated my data usage will be around 2 GB and was wondering if im able to add an additional 1 GB week data pass after I used the first 1 GB data pass?


    Im in Europe right now, and need to manage everything online so my phone will be up running once I turn my phone on arrival in US.

    Thank you 

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, tatitati! Congrats on your upcoming trip, and kudos to you for doing research before you travel! When you're adding a one week data pass to a pay as you go account, the data continues at lower speeds once all of the high speed data is exhausted. That said, accounts with an existing data pass that have used up the high speed data can absolutely add an additional data pass before the existing pass expiration date, so if you're wanting to add another 1GB data pass before the initial week is up, you're free to do so as long as you've exhausted the high speed data on the original pass first!


        - Marissa

          • tatitati

            Okey, Thank you! Can you add more data online from your personal sites? Or do you need to do this by phone or store?

            • magenta3891650

              Hello tmo_amanda

              this is not the case anymore. Currently, there is 1 international data pass available 1GB - $20 - 10 days. This pass can be effectively bought once in 10 days as you have to choose between 2 options: starting the pass when the current pass expires or choosing an even later date.

              According to customer support on twitter this is a t-mobile policy. The customer support as a courtesy is willing to delete an existing (and exhausted) data pass so the next pass can take effect immediately, but I would have to contact them on twitter each time I want to buy a subsequent pass. Most of the customer support representatives don't know how to delete the exhausted data passes and it takes them between half and 24 hours to figure that out.
              Obviously, this is the most awkward policy I have heard of and I am extremely unhappy with the situation to a degree that I am researching other providers.

              Could you confirm that t-mobile, in fact, changed the policy to generally allow only 1 pass in any 10 days period?

                • tmo_amanda

                  Hey there, magenta3891650!


                  Welcome to our Support Community! One thing to call out is the OP is referring to a domestic data pass vs an international data pass which doesn't have as many data bucket options. It sounds like there was a bit of misinformation. With international data passes, you can purchase multiple data passes and the next one will be used after the first one's data or 10-day limit has expired. So in other words, you can purchase 3+ data passes at one time and if you use the entire 1 GB in 2 days, the next data pass will automatically start. Once a data pass is used/expired, it is automatically removed from your account.


                  If you have a postpaid plan, you can easily add an international data pass via My T-Mobile (not available on the T-Mobile app at this time) following these steps:


                  1. Go to My T-Mobile and log in to your account.
                  2. Click PLAN at the top of the page.
                  3. If you have more than one line on your account, you might need to click the plus + sign next to the device or name you want to add the data pass to.
                  4. On the line you want to add the data pass, look for "Stay connected to the web with additional high-speed data. Add a data pass" and click Add a data pass.
                  5. Select the data pass you want to add. You can click the down arrow to the right of each data pass to find out more information.
                  6. Select whether you want the pass to start immediately or pick a date and time.
                  7. Click Continue.
                  8. Click Agree & Submit.



                  Please let me know what other questions you have!

                    • magenta3891650

                      Hello tmo_amanda

                      Thank you for your response and I am sorry I did not notice the OP was referring to domestic passes. And yes I am talking about international passes.


                      However there is a lot of incorrect information in your response above.


                      > So in other words, you can purchase 3+ data passes at one time

                      No, you can only purchase maximum 2 passes at one time. Once 2 passes are added the purchase of the 3rd pass will fail (state of August 2017, have not tried to purchase to purchase 2+ since then after getting a confirmation from customer support that the behavior is intentional).


                      > if you use the entire 1 GB in 2 days, the next data pass will automatically start

                      No, it does not start after the data is used up, it starts after the pass expires (state of September 2017 till January 2018)


                      > Once a data pass is used/expired, it is automatically removed from your account.

                      No, the pass is removed first once the data pass is expired or it is manually removed by customer service. Customer service representative told me that the manual removal is just a courtesy and against t-mobile policies quoting exactly the same page you referred in one of your posts above here, which has the sentence 'Additional passes can be purchased as needed once a purchased pass expires.' which the customer representative interpreted as 'not when data is used up'.


                      > 6. Select whether you want the pass to start immediately or pick a date and time.

                      This options are only available when you are purchasing the first pass. On subsequent passes the options are: start when the current pass expires or pick a date and time (only dates after current pass expiration are available for selection).


                      All I am stating here is first hand experience as I try to use the passes very frequently but since August 2017 things went really bad. Everything was working perfectly before that. It is possible that there is some particular problem with my account in which case I would really appreciate your help in fixing the issue.


                      I would really love to continue using the service, because when it works it works really great and fast, but if I have to be limited to 1GB per 10 days I have to find an alternative service.


                      Thank you.

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