ios app using IPv4 address will not run  on T-Mobile network


    I have spent a lot of time on the phone with T-Mobile tech support and no definitive answer was given.  Bare with me while I get a bit technical.  I have purchased an app from the apple store (SmartSDR for ios). I installed it on my iPhone 7.  The app is used for remote controlling my amateur radio station.  The app loads and appears to function until I try to connect to the radio.  It receives data from the station at home but will not connect to it.  The app uses an IPv4 address.  I understand that the T-Mobile network only uses IPv6 addresses.  The part I don't understand is that if I put my iPhone in the personal hotspot mode using the T-Mobile network and I run the same app on my ipad using the hotspot, it functions properly.  That means that for some reason the hotspot mode accepts IPv4 addresses and when I use the iPhone directly on the network, the IPv4 address is rejected.  It is hard to believe that all apps using IPv4 addresses can not be used on the current T-Mobile network


    Thanks for any comments you might have.

    Regards, Bob

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