My battery drains down by 50% even in Max Power save mode


    After the most recent update the maximum power saving mode does not work like it used to work.  I used to be able to go to bed at 100% and wake up to the least 95% of battery still good.  Now I am lucky to get 50%.  Anyone else having this issue? 

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      • tmo_mike_c

        That's no good misstricia1969 , but I do have an idea as to what could be going on. Sometimes when you update the software,  3rd party apps you use on the phone may not be updated to work the same way. In some cases, they may use more battery life than normal. If you take a look at your battery life in the settings, does it show a list of apps that are consuming the most battery life? If so, I suggest checking to see if they have any updates available and testing them out after you update them. If they don't have any updates, you could try removing them temporarily to see if you see any improvements in the battery life. This'll  give us a chance to figure out where this issue might be coming from. Please keep us posted on this. Thanks!