Friends & Family on Us Billing Issues--Never Fixed


    I'm sure this topic has been covered before but I couldn't find exactly what I am looking for.


    My wife and I signed up for Tmobile one for 4-lines.  The weekend prior to Black Friday, Nov 19, 2016 we signed up for a $70 first line, $50 for second line, and 3rd and 4th free after bill credits.  Awesome deal, so we thought.


    Ever since then, I have had to call in prior to automatic billing to get some sort of credit on my account to balance what it should be.  It has yet to be automatically credited.  Every month for the past 4 months I have been told the problem has been fixed.  Today again, I had to call in and get it resolved, got a credit and was told the problem is solved.


    I'm at a point I would love to stay with Tmobile, but I cannot keep doing this.


    Does anyone have a suggestion for solving this problem?


    Thank You in advance!

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