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    I use Digits as my work line, making and receiving calls and text message from my "work cell". To make things much easier I would love to be able to have more separation between my personal line and my work line.  Will there be a way to customize the ringtone for Digits? Will there be a way to add contacts to be defaulted to Digits? Is there a way to schedule a "Do Not Disturb" for Digits? If I'm off for 3 days or on vacation I would like to disable Digits for that time from so I am not bothered by work calls. I am using the Multi-Line Setting in Cloud and Accounts. Thank you

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      • j.a.r.v.i.s

        Re: Digits Samsung Galaxy S8

        @magenta1673038 Do Not Disturb is a phone wide setting and the phone designers haven't quite caught up to T-Mobile with multiple lines per phone.  You can always "disable" the DIGITS line, but you won't get any calls/text or voicemail notifications...so it's not an ideal solution.


        You can set the default DIGITS line for a contact's phone number when you dial, but I've only seen it from the phone app, not within the contact...so I don't know how to change it once it's set...will keep digging and see if I can find anything.

        • magenta1673038

          Re: Digits Samsung Galaxy S8

          Thank you, hopefully there will be some updates/improvements for DIGITS soon!