Traveling from Europe to USA and Canada: can I make T-Mobile ONE and State International calls?




    I'm new of the community and looked for an answer but did not find it.


    Here the point:


    I'm going to travel to Nord America in September and I need a mobile phone connection both for talking and for data. I will be some days in US and then in Canada for another part of the time.


    I've seen the following:


    T-Mobile ONE Prepaid Plan | Unlimited Talk, Text & 4G Data | T-Mobile


    But I would need to understand if with this plan:


    Can I add the Plus option to have unlimited calls in US and Canada on the pre-paid?

    Can I add the option to call internationally to Europe (Italy) all included?

    What is needed to get a sim card where I can activate the plan from T-Mobile? Is it sufficient to go to a shop and present an ID?

    Is there any limitation to the use of the data especially abroad? If yes, how does this limitation work (My need is mainly google maps and whatsapp and some surfing for looking for information on the location I'll be visiting)?


    I would be very grateful for any answer and indication.



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