Nobody on t-mobile gets service in Pacific Beach, WA. Any planned tower upgrades?


    I'm curious to find out if there will ever be a tower upgrade for Pacific Beach, Washington State. Verizon and At&t are the only providers that get a mostly solid connection out at the beach there. T-Mobile, although having their map say that they have full LTE coverage, get zero coverage in mostly ALL areas. I get four bars with LTE at one super little park in Pacific Beach, but other than that I get zero service EVERYWHERE else. The whole "No Service" and all. This appears to happen on every one of our friends who use T-Mobile too, no matter what phone they use. We've tried an iPhone 5, 6, 6s, and a 7. None of them work no matter who or which account they're on. Using this information I have concluded that service is just non-existent there. So, my question is to see if they will upgrade or build a new tower to cover the tens of thousands of people who go through there every month on vacation or the thousands who live there already?

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