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DIGITS issues


    I have been on and off of Digits since early beta.  I am now again off due to continuing problems in using the service:

    1. I am unable to consistently answer phone calls on my Windows 10 PC.  Clicking on the answer does either nothing or disconnects the call.
    2. An incoming call will ring on some devices and not others (no pattern as to the devices).  I have tried it with up to five devices (2 cell phones, 2 PCs, 1 iPad).  2-3 devices may ring, but not all 5.  When stripping down the app to just two devices (PC and cell phone) one will ring half the time and not the other.  Last week I receiving a call on my PC 10 minutes after answering and completing the call on my cell phone.
    3. Messages also do not appear consistently on all devices
    4. I can attempt to make calls on my cell phone but it either does not connect, connects but does not allow me to speak, or does not allow me to hear the other person.  When I remove digits from the LG G4, I do not have this problem.
    5. App runs in the background, pulling up to 8-10% of my battery life.  My phone heats up.  Removing the app eliminates heat up.


    I am using the following equipment:

    LG G4

    Samsung Avant

    Dell i7 Desktop

    Lenovo Miix 700 PC

    iPad mini 2


    I am also using the T-Mobile router and cell extension devices.  I have check my logs and WiFi/Internet disruptions are not reported.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: DIGITS issues

        Wow, dmandel, I'm sorry to read about all of these inconsistencies! We can definitely forward this as general feedback. Can I ask which device(s) were overheating? To file tickets for the calling/messaging issues, our engineering team would need some recent call details (incoming and outgoing numbers, dates, times, time zones) and to know which devices rung or did not ring; and examples with the same details for the messaging trouble so that they can run traces. It sounds like you've uninstalled, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask in case you'd documented this!


        - Marissa

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: DIGITS issues

          Hey, dmandel!


          I know you're no longer using DIGITS at this point due to the multiple issues you listed above. As Marissa mentioned, we do have options to get this straightened out but will likely require a ticket being filed for each issue. We're happy to work with you on filing the tickets but will need specific details to do so. Please let us know if you'd like us to assist with this.

            • dmandel

              Re: DIGITS issues

              I appreciate you reaching out to me (both times) on this issue.  My response at this time is that I need a system that JUST WORKS.  My cell phone (I have no land line) is critical in my communicating with others and I cannot afford further lost calls and messages and spend my time detailing issues and waiting for piecemeal solutions while also recovering from missed opportunities when I don't receive messages.  At this time, I must be more concerned about having a cell phone work all the time. While I would like to use Digits, I just can't take the chance.  I hope you are able to offer a bulletproof system in the future.  Let me know when. 

                • tmo_amanda

                  Re: DIGITS issues

                  dmandel, I completely understand! Having a reliable form of communication is a must. You put a lot of time and effort into making this work. As a product that was recently launched, we're still working out the kinks. Thank you for giving DIGITS a shot and I hope we can provide a flawless product to you in the future.