Didn't know about data roaming charges and now I have to pay 3870$!!!!!!!


    I had an unlimited data plan in the states and thought it's okay to use it shortly while traveling back to my country. It felt awesome you arrive in another country and the carrier gets automatically and because it was my first time traveling with T-mobile I was stunned with amazement. Then yesterday I found out that my payment is 3870$ for using 285mb and I was like what!!!! I'm currently studying in a community college as an international student and pay my tuition quarterly about 3630$. My tuition deadline was Aug 17th had no idea how to find such amount and this comes up as well.

    I searched and found some cases that T-mobile reduced the bills. And called business care service to talk with them but they're not budging on the payment.

    What To DO??? HELPP!!!

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