One plus Promo $150/line promo


    I switched 2 lines from Verizon in Feb 2017. Made the switch by calling T-mobile directly on their  toll-free number.  I kept my my 2 iPhone 5s and was assured I was eligible to receive a rebate of $150 per line.  I received an email confirmation of my order on Feb 22, 2017. It had the following info:

    2 lines TMO all in one Promo

    BYOD 3in 1 SIM card (twice)

    one plus promo (twice)

    estimated shipping  date 2/22/2017-2/27/2017

    shipping method : standard service.


    After waiting until June, I contacted T-mobile by phone regarding the rebates and was told no rebate was forthcoming as I had not filed for the rebate within  30 days of purchase!  But i was never informed that I had to file for the rebate or that I had a 30 day limit for this filing.  Can some one help me get the rebates I was promised?

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: One plus Promo $150/line promo

        I am very sorry to hear that you missed out on the rebate magenta1865653. This is definitely not the way we want you to start off with us.  How did you first hear about this promotion when you switched to us? Most if not all of our rebate promotions and rebates do require some form of submission to qualify so that we can gather the necessary information to validate you participated in said promotion and mail you the rebates. Without a submission, we would not know that the user was participating in a specific promotion and would not be able to send them a rebate.

        • magenta1865653

          Re: One plus Promo $150/line promo

          Thanks for getting back.  Here is the information regarding my problem.  I made the switch from Verizon on Feb 22, 2017 by calling your toll-free number and talking to your agent who assured me I was eligible for the rebate of $150 per line.  I believe the call was recorded.  I received an email confirmation dated 02/22/2017 and the order number was 1165236478.  The details of the order in the email are:



          BYOD 3in1 SIM Card

          BYOD 3in1 SIM Card

          ONE PLUS PROMO

          ONE PLUS PROMO


          Please note: No where does it say anything about "Submitting for a rebate".  There is no way of knowing about this requirement!