No EIP shown on Website or App, shows on bill


    I cannot make additional payments on my EIP without calling in and talking to someone.

    I have talked to tech support numerous times, who has filed some sort of ticket or another, but they can't seem to figure out that it's a backend SW/Billing issue, and not a provisioning issue.


    it used to work, and about 6 months ago, it quit.


    So, on the one hand I have a bill that says I owe, and on the other hand I have the website that states that I have no EIP.


    Does anyone else have this problem?

    Who can this get forwarded to to get the issue fixed?

    Because this is not a phone issue, not a billing problem, not a service issue... it's a problem with the backend somewhere.


    TMO - please send this info to the appropriate support people to GET THIS FIXED.

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