Digits EAP ios app


      I was wondering what was happening concerning these items.


      Call Identification-  Even after the latest update to the app, I still do not know  who is calling my device line or the Digits line.



       Dialer-  I add the number I want to call to the dialer.  I push call.  The dialer jumps.  The number I dialed is removed.  It hesitates  before bring up the the 1(413) number to dial out. 


    Is the Digits app kicking out my dialed number because of the 1(413) number needed to dial out of ios?   May I ask if the 1(413) number to dial out is going to be the norm?


    Thank you

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Digits EAP ios app

        Hey, magenta2001173! Thanks for letting us know about this. Can I confirm - - you're not seeing any incoming Caller ID, or are you not seeing which line the incoming caller is calling to (or both)?


        - Marissa

          • magenta2001173

            Re: Digits EAP ios app



            I am seeing the Caller ID.  This works fine. I am not seeing which line the caller is calling on. Are they calling my Digits line or my Device line?

            • debjitjdv

              Re: Digits EAP ios app



              The problems you mentioned are real and I have faced that. I have example details. And the +1-413-XXX-XXXX number needs to be dialed (whether you use the EAP version or the Public version). Its an iOS thing that prevents DIGITS app to dial it automatically unless you press the call button in the pop-up. In Android it happens automatically. You can see the same behavior in the Google Voice app as well.


              When you dial a number from DIGITS app, the app connects with the DIGITS server, selects from a pool 5-6 +1-413-XXX-XXXX number and then it calls that number and transmits the actual number you wanted to call. Then the DIGITS system dials that number automatically and connects you with the recipient. This happens in the backend. It is some sort of conferencing but transparent to the user. This is the same principle that Google Voice app follows.  I am not sure why the EAP version has DIGITS line identification feature broken (which is one of the most important feature) whereas it just works fine in the Public version.

            • magenta2001173

              Re: Digits EAP ios app

              The Test Flight build has now been removed from my iphone.  I thought now I can go back to the public version which before identified calls coming into my DIGITS line.  Wrong!


              I am so frustrated right now.  All the things you and others have listed in your post is a continual problem for me as well.  Before the EAP program   the  Digits app was identifying calls now I have no idea what line people are calling.


              I thought I could go back to the public version  of the Digits app,  pre EAP.  I guess not.


              What am I to do?  Any help would be appreciated.  I need to know who is calling what line.  Please let me know what is going on with the Digits app.  It seems it went backwards after EAP.