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iPhone Accessory Giveaway Contest



    It's that time of year again, folks! The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X have been announced, and they are some straight up works of art! The new iPhones are packed with some pretty awesome enhanced capabilities -- wireless charging, augmented reality support, and Face ID (on the iPhone X). The new Apple Watch Series 3 will have cellular capabilities and a barometric altimeter! With the plethora of improvements the new Apple products are bringing to the table, you might be looking at your current phone and accessories and realizing that it's time to upgrade! We're here to help ease the burden on your wallets with a sweet iPhone Accessory Giveaway.






    The contest:

    Need protective gloves when you touch your phone's shattered screen? Has your Bluetooth headset stopped working after four "accidental" encounters with your car's tires? Is your flip phone so flexible with age that it now flips both ways? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, this is the contest for you! Starting today, 9/13/2017, through 9/26/2017, post a picture of your worn down phone and or phone accessories as well as a brief reason why you desperately need to catch a break, and you have a chance of winning a pair of Apple AirPods, a JBL Clip 2 Bluetooth Speaker, or a new iPhone case (which ever one fits your specific iPhone). You will also receive an exclusive "Contest Winner" badge and 50 points toward your Community score! The Community Manager staff will choose three lucky winners (1st - 3rd place) at the end of the contest and announce them here in the Magenta Lounge.


    How to play:

    1. Write your Community username and date on a sticky note.
    2. Take a picture of your worn-out phone and/or phone accessories with the sticky note visible.
    3. Post your picture in the comments section below along with the reason you need an upgrade.



    1. Sticky note with your Community username must be visible in your photo.
    2. Photos must be posted before 11:59 PM ET 9/26/2017 to qualify.
    3. Full list of rules can be found here Official iPhone Accessory Giveaway Contest Rules.

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