Noticed Equipment charge on bill - they say it's fraud


    I noticed my bill was higher than normal in May, but I was busy attending the JiveWorld17 conference and forgot to follow up when I came back. Then for some reason auto-pay didn't work for June and July and I got a text warning me of being late in payment early this week. I looked at my invoice in detail and saw:



    There were equipment charges which didn't make sense, and I've never purchased a phone (except once a Nexus 5, but by cash) from them.


    So I called T-mobile Customer Support to discuss and they asked me if I activated two new iPhones in the spring, which I denied.  It seems like someone has fraudulently bought two new iPhone 7s on my account. The good news is they put my account under investigation, so hopefully I will get refunded the extra amounts I've been billed, plus get cleared of that obligation to pay for that APL IPHONE 7 32G ROS KIT.

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      • emutr95

        Did your issue get resolved? I am a victim of the same issue, noticed someone has bought iphones on an equipment plan billed to my account. Thanks

        • To anyone in this thread I would contact T-Mobile via Facebook or twitter. This way you have visible documentation of the incident and responses.

          • emutr95

            edmiidz, 3 weeks and it is not resolved yet? I have filed a fraud case with customer service and was told I should hear back in 3 days. You may also want to consider filing a FTC report and check your credit to make sure your identity was not stolen.


            snn_555, I agree with your suggestion of a document trail. I will give customer service and fraud dept a chance to resolve this first and after that use twitter/facebook.

            • tuyetmainguyen1229

              Did you issue got resolved? I'm going through a similar case and it's been over 2 weeks and nothing have been resolved. In my case, someone went to the 3 different T-mobile stores in person and made 4 iphone 8 purchases, a megablast speaker, and third party purchases resulting in over $3,000 under my account. The first time when I called t-Mobile customer service, the representative I spoke with transfer my case to the fraud department and they were supposed to contact me back in 3 business days, however, I did not receive any follow back calls from them. I contacted them again and the representative I spoke with said since these purchases were all made in person, then it was all authorized by the account holder which is a false statement because I did not authorize nor went in person to make these purchases. The culprit retained enough information to bypass these purchases in person at the T-Mobile stores. I made a police report and reported this identity theft to the FTC. I hope to hear back from T-Mobile to quickly resolve this issue and to take further action.

                • edmiidz

                  No it hasn't been resolved.

                  all authorized by the account holder

                  I got told something similar today. They told me I should see the down-payment charge for the iphones ($91.98) on the same credit card statement as the February bill for  $165.09, but I don't see it. I called Chase to confirm and they confirmed there was not charge for that.


                  I canceled my account today. I expect them to send me nasty-grams for the last bill which I refuse to pay but I intend to fight back for the overpayments I've made.

                • tuyetmainguyen1229

                  After finally 4 Long weeks with T-Mobile customer service I was finally able to resolve most of the situation But there are still a few issues I need to clear up with them regarding the fraud case.

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