T-Mobile Refused my insurance claim


    Tmobile refused to approve my claim with the insurance company because the system shows i last used my phone was back in april. so i bought a new sim card after my phone was lost with it my old sim card. i inserted the new card into an old phone for me to be able to activate it. which what i was told by t-mbile to do when i called.

    so a costumer is not allowed to insert the sim card into any other phones that you have had in the past? or they will not approve your claim? this is not right such a rip off and scam. The person i spoke with he wanted me to purchase a new device! really! why should i purchase a new device when i paid for my device in full almost $900 and i pay every single month insurance fee on my device. everyone im sure they switch between old devices they may have for so many reasons sometime to transfer data, pictures, files, contacts. it is the customer right to do what ever they want to do with their devices and switch between devices. as long they paid in full and they have insurance on a device they cannot deny a claim. where does it state that in the policy???

    I need my money back for that device and i will cancel my account it this doesn't get solved as soon as possible .

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