How Do I email the CEO or President of T-Mobile?


    This is BS what has happened to my wife and I, and no one can help us after 5 days non-stop with being shuffled from customer service, to a local store, to activations, to account retention, and still no resolve. Really? oh and not to mention countless hours and lies of calling us back and oh its resolved, to going to the store and getting embarrassed twice! So my real question is how do I get in contact with the CEO or President.....maybe just maybe i can get some resolve.





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      • magenta2229898

        T-mobile has good intentions, however they never keep their promises about their programs they offer. After 12 months of autopay on time payments, they actually are in the process of refunding my $1600.00 deposit, but now refuse to allow me to be on the well qualified customer list through their smartphone equality program. Here's the part that makes no sense....The same day i put the deposit down for my 4 lines, i also purchase a Galaxy S7 with accessories total over $1000.00...So why would i do this instead of just purchasing new phones. Straight garbage! 5 days of non-stop run around and embarrassment and still no resolve! Maybe its time for legal action?

        • tidbits

          how much do you owe per line and what phone are you trying to get?


          I don't remember the exact limit per line is.


          But I know that since I just got the S8+ I owe like $500 but when I try an add another device I have to put money down on top of what the down payment is(down payment depends on device and model).


          Not all devices will be 0 down even with device freedom.