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Tmobile Sent Me to Collections!!!


    When I signed up on a business account #xxxx28827, there was a problem in the transfer of my 2 lines where one equipment balance remained on the personal account # xxxx42096


    Well Tmobile wrote off the account and sold it to a collection agency. Now I have $299 bill and I have yet to ever see a single invoice/statement on.


    I am IRATE. 


    I have moved 2 numbers back to AT&T.  I have 3 lines remaining on the account.  I was going to add another 3 lines in California. If this is not cleared up I will close the entire account.


    This has been going on for over 2 years.  My next step is going to be legal action against TMobile.  I returned the equipment to Irene Downing (our tmobile business rep) who has since disappeared and does not respond.  Please resolve this immediately and remove the collections account!!!   Your company has horrible management to allow this to go on.  This is the unit returned - I took a picture the day I gave it to Irene the business rep in 2015.  She has since disappeared.
    Tmobile reversed the collection in May of 2017 after countless calls and then a month later it reappeared with a new collection agency on my credit!!
    Feel free to contact me anytime.  ***personal info removed***

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      • This is a customer to customer forum. We cannot act on your account at all. You might also wish to remove your personal email.

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        • cesaribenitez95

          Re: Tmobile Sent Me to Collections!!!

          just wondering... Are you sure its not ghost depth? It's when a depth has been pardon or settled, but the collections company did not update it or re sold. This is very common. The fix is that you contact the collections company, challenge it. If T-Mobile did removed/pardon/etc, then they will have to removed it.

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          • tmo_marissa

            Re: Tmobile Sent Me to Collections!!!

            Hi, magenta2295558. I'm very sorry to read about this! snn_555 is correct -- we're not able to review account details from this public user forum, but we definitely want to direct you to the right folks for help. If you Contact Us to work with our Care team or T-Force team (through Twitter or Facebook), and provide the personal account information, we can review this matter for you. If the balance on your personal T-Mobile account is already at a zero, we can send you a copy of the revised final statement to provide to this collections agency to prove to them that there's no balance to be collected. If you returned equipment within the Buyer's Remorse window and the installment balance was not removed, one of our teams with account access can file and escalate an inquiry with our warehouse called a Handset Research form, we'd just need the IMEI of the equipment in question and the tracking information for the package. Once that's settled, a revised final statement would be generated showing the zero balance (this happens automatically, following the timeline of the billing cycle from when the account was open). We definitely want to take action to get this matter resolved -- please reach out when you're able!


            - Marissa

            • magenta2807561

              I have a notification on my Credit report stating that I owe a debt collection agency money which is from T-mobile, and it has been sent to collections.however its for a line that I helped a friend get service and now I'm being charged for why not sent it to her account and I have talked to her and are willing to paid off the balance but with minimum payments and  I never received any information in regards to a debt before hand and I am still a current T-Mobile customer, OTHERWISE I would have paid it. I want to work with T-Mobile directly to pay off my debt. I do not want to contact the Debt Collection agency AGAIN. I have no problem at all paying off my debt, but I want this removed from my Credit report ASAP, because it is very damaging. I am very willing to work with T-Mobile to resolve this issue.  . I would like to E-Mail directly or speak to someone over the phone