Reimbursement from T-mobile?


    So I called about my reimbursement from T-Mobile because I had switched two of my phone from sprint to T-Mobile . The first time I called about a certain number and they told me it was on it's way. Next thing you know I guess they got both numbers confused and I only got reimbursed for one of the phones. Then I call and try to get the second reimbursement, and now they're saying it has passed the 90 days. No one ever told me there was a deadline to get my money back. That's $200 I paid out of my pcoket that I worked hard for to not get sent to collections from sprint, because I switched carriers. I find it ridiculous that when I called they told me to send a letter? By the time it gets to CALIFORNIA to TEXAS it would be way past the 90 Days. I counted the days and its only been about 10 days or so passed the 90 days. So how can I get my money??? I only got reimbursed for one line I need the money for other one.

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