Why can't I use the built-in visual voicemail on my S8?


    The T-Mobile visual voicemail app is a horrible, wretched excuse of an app that doesn't sync and wastes time by needing to use a second app. Why won't TMobile just let us use the built in VVM like at&t does with their Galaxy S8?  This really seems like a Verizon BS nice to me.

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      • tidbits

        I use the built in one, and works fine for me.


        Exactly what problem are you having?


        Same steps are found here

        Visual Voicemail for S8 - AT&T Community


          • gotzadroid

            I don't have any of those options described in the link. All I have on the bottom right of my dialer is a rectangle with the voicemail symbol in it. When pressed, it just calls my voicemail. All the voicemail settings options are grayed out in the phone settings. All I can use is the crappy TMobile visual voicemail app that was pre loaded, but can also be downloaded from the play store. When I had my S6, I was able to use the built in VVM without ever needed to use TMobile's app. I had even disabled it and the S6's built-in VVM worked just fine. Now it's missing from the T-Mobile branded S8 where it looks like at&t left it alone. This is why I hate carrier branded phones... they screw with too much stuff. You don't see apple or Google allowing this "tinkering", so I just don't get why Samsung and LG allow for it....

              • tidbits

                Carriers don't touch code like you think they do, and how the media plays off that they do.  They are thinking of the time of BREW and not at current state.


                Manufacturers give a set of options that carriers buy into and do all the coding themselves.  Manufacturers love it when people pass the buck and even switch carriers and still buy their products(more money in their pocket and have to give less support because they don't get blamed).


                Apple doesn't give buy in options, and Google gives very little options(See Verizon Pixel).


                T-Mobile hasn't even touched Voicemail and it works just like above.  It's something you have installed or a bug in Samsungs code that popped up for you.


                As you can see below are screenshots of it working like intended.



                  • gotzadroid

                    I don't buy it. I just read on Reddit how to use Nova launcher actions to get into the native VVM, which I got into, but it won't work unless I pay extra for voicemail into text. That's exactly what I'm talking about, the carriers take stuff away and make you pay for it to get it back. I never had this issue on my pixel or my Nexus 5X, my iPhones on my plan don't have this issue either. This is nothing more than a money grab....


                    And as for Google and Verizon, yes, Google allowed for the bootloader to not be able to be unlocked, but that was to protect Verizon from people taking their phone to other services before it was paid off. And yes, I know there were work arounds too.


                    Obviously your love for magenta is not letting you see the reality of this, so you don't need to bother responding back as your "answers" were no help and I found work arounds that prove TMobile locks out features until you pay up. Thank goodness Google doesn't allow for this crap with their built in VVM.

                      • tidbits

                        Reddit is all speculations often treated like they are fact.  Those screenshots alone debunk what was said.  As I said you used a work around to get around a potential bug, and reason why it isn't getting fixed because it's the carriers fault and not taking it up with Samsung to make it aware it's a problem.  As I show above it works, and I got through there.  IF you need I can make a video of it working just for you to show it's not me pulling a fast one.  I will even show you my account details showing I don't subscribe to voice to text feature.


                        You can call me a fanboy or whatever that's fine.  If you want you can also go over to Verizon, and AT&T forums and call me a shill also as I said the same things on their respective forums.

                          • gotzadroid

                            Funny how it's a "bug" when I have 4 S8s on my plan, 2 TMobile branded, 2 Samsung unlocked and none of them have access to it. But magically, when I add the 5 dollar a month voice mail to text option to 1 branded and 1 unlocked S8, the stock VVM app appears... The same built-in app that looks identical in the main page and settings page to the at&t offering. I guess that's another miracle that both carriers designed identical apps.


                            So now it's time to take the plan off and see what happens next... So again, for the last time, you were zero help and did not add anything of value to this thread. Even if you were to be like, "dude, you got to pay extra to have access man" would have been more help. But rest assured, I will never mention your name on any other forum or refer to the lack of help you provided. I got my answer on my own and it only cost me 10 bucks....


                            BTW, anyone who reads this and wants to know how to get Google voice voicemail to work with the S8, just go to phone settings and then more settings. To to call forwarding and change the last 3 forwarding options to your Google voice number. That's it, now all your unanswered or rejected calls will go to your Google voice voicemail, which can be seen from the very nice Google voice app that has VVM.


                            See, that above ^^^^ was actually helpful info.

                  • tidbits

                    Just a FYI all of the Galaxy have the respective carrier VVM apps installed.  Even when using the built in one.  It is how Samsung makes the UI and piggybacks off of.

                    • tidbits

                      Ok you win, and you know everything.  So far I have shown it works. /shrug photo is worth a 1000 words as they say.

                        • gotzadroid

                          Dude, seriously, what part of this are you not getting??? IT DOES WORK... just like in your 1000 worded pic, but you also NEED TO PAY FOR IT TO WORK... as I relayed in the above message that you obviously didn't read where I said that I added the extra 5 dollar a month "voicemail to text" option on 1 TMobile branded S8 and 1 straight from Samsung, unlocked S8.


                          So obviously, you are either 1) paying for the extra service and A) forgot  or B) don't realize it, OR  2) you're on an older plan that it's included and you A) forgot or B) don't realize it.


                          It's not about who "wins" it's about comprehending what is typed out on here... that through trial and error of my own doing, you are right, it can work, but you're also wrong that it can't work if one isn't paying for the "voicemail to text" (or has it included in their plan already).

                        • tidbits

                          I am not subscribed to VVM to text.  My plan does not have it included.  NO plan comes with it included.  There is a $4 add-on or a $10($25 if you want international high speed data) data addon that gives VVM to text Which I do not subscribe to.  Like I said IF you want to see my account I am more than welcome to post videos. of both my account settings AND it working on my phone.

                          • tmo_chris

                            Hey folks! Things got a little heated here so I wanted to see if I could help clear up any confusion.


                            As it stands right now, T-Mobile Visual Voicemail is included free with all T-Mobile plans and you can use our app at no charge. If you want to enable VM to Text, it is as tidbits said, $4 a month per line. I am still a bit confused that your S8 and Tidbits S8 are not behaving the same way and the fact that you have 4 S8 devices all of which cannot access the built-in VVM has me even more confused.


                            If you can get me some basic information about your devices, I can pass this up to our Samsung content owner to see if they can shed any light on this. I would need the following information for each device.


                            OS version:

                            Model number:

                            Baseband version:

                            Kernel version:

                            Build Number:

                            • blackknight23

                              Tmobile blocks it, I agree I hate not being able to use built in visual voicemail in android periods its been built in for a while now. That is actually for Digits. When using digits that will work like it should.

                              • nelfar212

                                Visual voicemail, is free. my wife pays 4 for VM to text. IDK why but hey. she does. the VVM does work.