Possible G5 backlight bleed


    I'm not sure if this is a backlight bleed thing or not, but randomly today my screen would go darker and if I switched between apps, the last would still be visible on the new app, like if I was on Facebook and went to main screen, I could still see the status update box. Or if I switched from yahoo mail to phone, I could still the the mail logo in middle of the screen. I tried taking screen grab pictures but they didn't show what I was talking about. Also the 3 buttons at the bottom stopped working and random apps would start up without me touching anything. Is this a take the phone to a store to have it checked out kinda thing? Thanks

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Possible G5 backlight bleed

        Hey, seanwden! Sorry about the delay in reply here, and to read about your phone's sudden psychedelic display and strange behavior. :/ Did you happen to take it by the store? That's definitely what we'd suggest in a situation like this... if you did, how did things go?


        - Marissa

          • seanwden

            Re: Possible G5 backlight bleed

            Thank you for the reply back. I did not take it back to the store, what I did was just do a complete system reset. The 1st day it still acted up, but wasn't as severe, since that day it has been acting like normal, no more issues. I'm not sure what happened, but thank you again!