Samsung Galaxy On5 Problem


    Hello I have a Samsung Galaxy On5 that has a unresponsive screen. The only buttons that work are the home and power buttons, the volume does not. I downloaded the Samsung Smart Switch application for my mac so I can backup and transfer the information from this damaged cellphone into a new Samsung I purchased from TMobile.

    Yet when I connect the device, I need to press "accept" so that a USB connection can be achieved, yet I cannot press this as the screen does not work. I need to transfer this information over to a new cellphone, and at a minimum back it up.

    How can I activate USB file transfer with such an unresponsive screen? Can I fix the screen? If yes, where at?

    Is there a way to extract all the information from this phone without spending money? Or is there another way besides the application that I can transfer this information?

    Thank you.

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      • cesaribenitez95

        Re: Samsung Galaxy On5 Problem

        Well aren't you in a pickle... Let's see a free way to do this......You can try taking the phone to a Samsung kios at best-buy and see if they can make the screen a bit more responsive. 


        But the other way is you would need a wired mirco usb keyboard (and yes they do exist) and a Bluetooth mouse.

        You install the keyboard, use the arrow keys to install the Bluetooth mouse.

        Remove the keyboard, and connect phone to your computer.

        Then use your Bluetooth mouse for "use" of touch.

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        • tmo_chris

          Re: Samsung Galaxy On5 Problem

          This is definitely a pickle indeed! I know you said that the volume keys are not working but did you get a chance to try using them when the phone is placed into a recovery mode? If not. please try these steps to wipe your phones cache partition and see if that helps with the unresponsiveness. This wipe will not erase any of your personal information.


          Wipe cache partition: Samsung Galaxy On5

          • tmo_amanda

            Re: Samsung Galaxy On5 Problem

            Hey, martin0711 !


            We really want to get your Galaxy On5's screen working. Have you tried clearing the cache like Chris recommended above? Or by chance did you get your phone replaced? Keep us updated on how everything's going.

            • tmo_marissa

              Re: Samsung Galaxy On5 Problem

              Just wanted to check back in with you, martin0711! How are things going with your On5? Please let us know if those troubleshooting steps were helpful!


              - Marissa