S8+ Volume through headphone jack really low after update


    After the latest update, the Volume limiter on the phone is super sensitive and keeps audio real low where you cannot hear music being played through YouTube, Spotify or Podcast apps. Ive went into the settings and turned off the Media Limiter setting. Ive also tried the personalized sound setting where if you get a volume boost around some frequencies. EQ'ing doesnt help either... Ive noticed when I have the volume on max and I click the volume down button twice, the volume slightly gets higher because the mids get a little boosted. So if thats volume lever 8, going past that brings down mids and doesnt raise overall volume.. The limiter is all jacked up. Ive tried rebooting and other headphones as well... Its the software.

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      • tmo_chris

        I am not exactly sure what settings Samsung may have change in the most recent update but I would assume that it is some sort of safety measure to protect the user from damaging their ears on accident It sounds like you did everything you could in the Volume limiter and even tried changing headphones. It might be worth reaching out to Samsung directly on this as this is something they would most likely know more about.