Samsung SM-V100T Hot Spot


    Apparently account notifications (e.g., Payment past due, etc.) are sent via SMS to my hot spot.  Since the device has no input screen, I have to open a browser window and login to device from another system to read them.  This is a real pain so I rarely check the SMS messages (most of which are SPAM).


    Can I have the hot spot forward SMS messages to my phone or to my email address?


    Can I set up my T-mobile account to send account notifications to my email address?


    Thanks in advance for any insights,


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      • cesaribenitez95

        Re: Samsung SM-V100T Hot Spot

        Unless you want to go through the headache, trouble, and may I say soul slitting pain of rooting your device, also running the risk of leaving it useless... And yes their is a custom Rom.Now the other way is to get the 2 features of spam blocking on that line.

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        • tmo_chris

          Re: Samsung SM-V100T Hot Spot

          So we are not able to change the number that account related notifications are sent to or change the delivery method to email. This is for your security and its enforced by federal regulations. If you are getting a ton of spam SMS messages, we can look into changing the mobile number of your device. Since you rarely use that number for personal messaging, it should be a fairly painless switch.