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    I participated in the EAP (Beta test) and have been trying to use Bixby for some time.  Since its full public roll ou a few weeks ago, Bixby's Voice Wake up seemed to be working a little better, BUT at best, I would describe this feature's performance as episodic.  There are times when it works fine and responds almost all of the time to the wake up command and there are times where I can say, "Hi, Bixby" 5 or 6 times and phone does not respond.


    I have re-recorded my voice; I have read & recorded the enhanced Voice Recognition text several times; and I have the sensitivity set to high.  I have also wiped the phone's cache and tried clearing Bixby Voice & home cache.  I have tried different positions for the phone when I speak.


    I currently am running the following versions of Bixby related Apps:

    * Bixby Global Action:

    * Bixby Home: v1.9.43.4

    * Bixby Service: v1.0.06.0

    * Bixby Voice: v1.0.07.4

    * Samsung Voice Input: v1.0.03.0

    * Voice Wake-up: v1.0.05.6


    All in all, like I said the performance is episodic with hours of great responsiveness and hours of no repsonse.


    Any ideas as to what is going on?  What else can I try?

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      • rbryinc

        Re: Bixby Voice Wake Up

        The voice wake up for lack of a better word sucks.  I can whisper OK Google and phone wakes right up.  I can hold the mic less then an inch from my mouth and be yelling at Bixby till it responds.  Bixby a good idea but still light years away from replacing google

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: Bixby Voice Wake Up

          Hey, rsnic!


          You've got me stumped on this one. Clearing the cache should have done the trick. You also already changed the sensitivity to high which is the next thing I was going to have you try. Unfortunately, I think you may need to go directly to Samsung for this one.

          • tmo_marissa

            Re: Bixby Voice Wake Up

            Hey, rsnic! Just wanted to check in here and see if you'd had any luck reaching out to Samsung about these Bixby issues? I did double check our known issues and systems issues for the S8 and there's no content listed about Bixby at this time (that may honestly just be because of how recently it was rolled out). We do still have the Bixby beta information listed -- do you know if those support channels are still available post-launch?


            - Marissa

            • rsnic

              Re: Bixby Voice Wake Up



              Thank you very much for checking in and asking.


              I have gone back to Samsung several times now and still have not gotten any reply


              If you can get some help from them, I would very much appreciate it!


              Again, appreciate your help

                • tmo_marissa

                  Re: Bixby Voice Wake Up

                  I'm sorry to let you down, rsnic, I don't have any additional resources to offer here. Internally, our troubleshooting is limited to what you've already done -- the next step we would follow is the "last resort"; a Master Reset. I tried digging around online, but of course the best results I could find were your own thread on the Samsung support page, and another user's that's marked as solved (seems like the cache wipe did work for them, although there's not a thorough explanation, just an "OK it's working now").

                  We do have one contact we can ask to see if there are any additional steps between the cache wipe and a reset, we might not get an answer but it's worth a shot! I'll keep you updated. Can I ask, after the live roll-out, if you had any app updates? I found a CNet blog that insinuated that one was required, so I'm assuming that was the case, but just wanted to be sure. Internally we don't have a list of what these app versions should be, and I'm guessing you have probably double checked to make sure you've got all the latest available versions, but hey -- never hurts to ask!


                  - Marissa

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                • rsnic

                  Re: Bixby Voice Wake Up



                  Indeed, after the full public roll out, I got several of the Bixby-related Apps updated.  I have also tried the clearing the cache for Bixby Voice & wiping the phone's cache partition, among many other things.


                  Would very much appreciate it if you would reach out to your contact.  So far, all I keep getting back in stilted English from Samsung is "check's in the mail."


                  Again, thanks!

                  • tmo_marissa

                    Re: Bixby Voice Wake Up

                    OK, rsnic, get ready! This is a lot of info, dutifully requested from the Samsung contact of one tmo_mike_c and kindly transcribed back to me so that I could pass it to you.   I have to say this is one of the quicker responses we've received, and I'm hopeful that it helps!


                    The very first ask was whether you're routinely completing cache wipes after each update. She explained that there have been many Bixby updates and that cache wipes after each one are recommended. We know you're on top of that, so here's what else she had to offer:


                    - She also wanted to know if you have any special case or other equipment like an SD card. Temporarily removing them then retesting is a good step.

                    - She suggested testing it out in safe mode to see if the same thing is happening.

                    - Lastly, she advised that if you're using any of the functions below at the same time as Bixby, it may not work properly:

                    •    During media(Video/Game/Voice) recording

                    •    During call (including outgoing call)

                    •    Docking on the DeX Station

                    •    DeX mode

                    •    Ultra-power saving mode

                    •    Emergency mode

                    •    Kids mode

                    •    Mirror link


                    Can you let us know if you have a chance to test without a case/SD card/in Safe Mode? Or are any of those simultaneous function items a red flag? Hopefully, this will be beneficial (at least there are some things to consider here before jumping forward with a Master Reset)!


                    - Marissa

                    • rsnic

                      Re: Bixby Voice Wake Up



                      First and foremost, my thanks to you and @tmo_mike_c!!


                      Here's the routine phone maintenance regiment I kind of gotten myself into:

                      • I restart phone every evening
                      • I wipe the cache partition every other day
                      • I clear Bixby Voice App cache when gets about 2 Mb
                      • I use Device Maintenance a couple of times a day, BUT I do not remove Bixby Home

                      Not sure what update you all are referring to?


                      As for "other equipment":

                      • I use the Samsung Clear View Flip case
                      • I have installed a Samsung EVO 64Gb microSD card

                      To check this idea out, I took the phone out of the case and for the first few minutes, it responded to EVERY Voice Wake Up, BUT then it fell back into it's same ole' crummy batting average  (like 2 or 3 successful wake ups out of 10 tries).


                      Am a little reluctant to take out the micro SD card as I have "moved" all the Apps I can over to it and when I take it out and then put it back it, it makes for a lot of "busy work" moving them back to SD card.  Also, quite honestly, I just do not see the connection -- if soeone could explain the logic, that might be helpful.


                      As for the functions you listed, I do not use any of them.


                      BTW, I discovered an interesting item that may be worthy of pass onto others.  I use the SMART LOCK and Trusted Places, Trusted Devices & Trusted Voice.  I Bluetooth paired phone with my car and it works like 95+% and is terrific!  Trusted Voice works most times. Finally, I set my home as a Trusted Place by merely selecting it from my Google Places; this worked some time.  Based upon an idea, I went to High Accuracy in the Location feature; I then used my current location (which was in my home) as the saved Trusted Place -- This combination seems to working much better!


                      Anyhow, again, sincerely appreciate your help -- all I got from Samsung is that there is another up to Bixby Voice Wake up that will be released soon (v1.0.06.12) that may help rectify the problem -- We'll see!

                      All the Best!

                        • tmo_mike_c

                          Re: Bixby Voice Wake Up

                          Hey there rsnic! Kudos for doing those steps and being so thorough. This is a super strange issue and it's pretty unique so we wanna test out all possible avenues. Removing the SD card is just a step to make sure that the phone isn't accessing files that could be causing some trouble. Also, you'll wanna flip the phone into Safe mode and see how well it does when it steps up to the plate. Whether it hits a home run or strikes out, please keep us posted on what happens after trying those steps.


                          Can you tell us what setup you have for language and speaking style for Bixby? Thanks!

                        • rsnic

                          Re: Bixby Voice Wake Up


                          It is indeed a strange one as, for the life of me, I can not figure out when & why Voice Wake up starts working (or conversely, stops working) -- not to say anything about why Bixby has become mute since the public roll-out.


                          I am going on an extended trip and unfortunately, I don't want to & really don't have the time to go through the drill of putting Apps back on SD card between now and my departure.  Having said that, however, I will when I return in a couple of weeks.  When I do should I first take the SD card out and see what happens for a day or so and then try putting it into the safe mode or do them both at once?  Also, do I need to take phone out of the Samsung OEM flip case as well?


                          Thanks for your help!

                            • tmo_mike_c

                              Re: Bixby Voice Wake Up

                              Oh, well I hope you enjoy that trip instead of having to do homework on your phone. Still, I wanna see this resolved so I appreciate you testing this out. As for the steps, you can try it the SD card and safe mode one at a time first. Then, I'd like to see if there's a difference if you have the SD card out AND the phone in safe mode. If you notice the issue only happens with the case on, or it works better most of the time without it, I think you should leave it off. I'm only suggesting to leave the case off in order to give the phone the best chance at working. Sometimes, cases and covers can cause some issue with voice functionality like this, so using it without the case might be more helpful.

                              • tmo_mike_c

                                Re: Bixby Voice Wake Up

                                Hey rsnic , just here to check on you.


                                If you're on your trip right now, I do hope you're enjoying yourself. When you get the chance to try those steps, please give us a holler back and let us know how things are going. Thanks!