Bait & Switch - TMobile not honoring offer of free additional lines, how do I get resolution?


    On June 7th, I was offered 2 free additional lines if I switched to T-Mobile One.  I thought this was great, so I made the switch, bought 2 iphones for those lines and another 2 iphones for existing lines.  I made the additional purchases partly because T-Mobile was doing such a great job and I was a happy customer.  But that all changed when I received my bill, I was charged $20 for each additional line, so my bill was $40 higher than expected.  When I noticed this, I called T-Mobile, the representative finally found it in the notes on my account ( June 7th, way down far), that I was offered the 2 lines for free.  He didn't know how to get it corrected so I was transferred, the rep that he transferred me to said the only promotion was to add a line, get one free.  This was not what I was promised, so I asked to speak to her supervisor, the supervisor gave me the same answer, even though she saw in my account notes that I was offered the free lines, she said she could not give them to me.  I stayed calm, but made it clear that I was unhappy with the situation, I just wanted what I was promised.  The supervisor had a condescending tone, and was acting like it was my fault for not understanding how they do business.  Which I don't understand, how can they make a deal with me, and then not honor it?


    What steps do I need to take to resolve this issue and get the services for the original agreed upon price?




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