Resolved: Lg G6 would not apply system updates


    I want to share my solution to a problem I ran into with my LG G6.   I have 2 G6's - one applied system updates without problem.  The other would prompt me to start the system update, count down for a restart, and then nothing more would happen.  The unit would not reboot and apply the update.


    Here's what I tried that did not work:

    1.  I cleared app cache, cleaned ram, uninstalled all messaging apps

    2.  I did a factory restore, restored from my google backup.


    What I finally did that worked was do a factory restore, NOT sign-on to google, and then applied the system updates.  After 2 large system updates, I was at the current software update levels, and then I signed into google and restored my applications.


    I hope that helps someone else.

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