PAIRED DIGITS: No International Data




    I recently got to try out DIGITS in Canada.


    Before leaving, I had been told that everything that works on my primary line should work on the secondary line.


    It was great that I was able to make and receive calls on both my primary and secondary lines while in Canada.


    Sadly, however, data was totally disabled on the secondary line. I tried to scan manually for all available networks and tried to connect to each of them to make data work. No luck.


    I was expecting that data would work with the 512 kbps limitation.


    When I talked with a customer service representative, I was told that this is expected. I requested the CS rep to post this on the forums but they were open to it but could not find the right place to post it.


    They have opened an SR for me and told me that they will let me know by Thursday what comes out of it.


    Has anyone had this kind of experience before? Is data roaming on the paired line allowed [with 512 kbps limitation]?



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