Digits and WiFi calling using only one device


    I have no interest in using multiple devices, but I AM interested in being able to use Digits to function ONLY as a wifi calling service on my primary device. If it can't do this, please let me know as I will drop it. Plus, I DON'T want it to function as a texting device as I already have data texting through other apps and I don't want to get copies of the same SMS texts in both the Digits app and my normal texting app. I tried turning on airplane mode then turning on wifi so that I would not have mobile access but would have internet access. Then I tried to call my phone from another phone but it went straight to voicemail. The notification in the pulldown menu for android said Digits was "ready". I then tried to make a call out but it told me I would have to turn off airplane mode to make a call. How can I test it? I'm interested in wifi calling because there is one place I go to 3 hours from here with no cell signal and wifi calling would be helpful, but I don't want to drive 3 hours to test this.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Digits and WiFi calling using only one device

        Hey there! You should be able to use DIGITS on a Wi-Fi only device. You will want to go into DIGITS and select settings. From there. You will want to choose the Use Data Only option. The thing is, if you are using your number in DIGITS, both calls and text messages sent to your number are going to come through. There is no way to disable one or the other in DIGITS.

          • magenta3576930

            Hi Chris, and thanks for this answer.

            There is one big ppiece of the equation in the question that you did not include.  And that is, using ONLY one device, a mobile phone and its assigned phone number, on DIGITS over a wifi signal.  Not using a WiFi only device.

            This is the exact thing that i want to be able to do with DIGITS as i am in a rural area often, where there is no cell reception.



              • magenta4925

                Maybe I can help. Problem also exists for unlocked phones brought to Tmo. On those there is no embedded wifi calling, since they don't have Tmo default rom and software. I tried to use Digits as a work around to do wifi calls. But Digits app sees SIM, looks for cell connection, and wants to use mibile data - thus negating the whole wifi solution. So, I found a way around it... Go to the Digits web site and sign in with any device. If it is from your phone be sure to set your browser to "desktop site". I had problems using standard mobile browser view. Voila... You can call and receive texts using only wifi.