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The biggest dissapointmet and scam!!!!


    I have been with sprint for over 15 years, and a family member convinced me to give T-mobile a try. They were telling me how much money I would save, and also that I can bring my phones from sprint over, so when I spoke with representative they assured me me bringing my phones over was not a problem, they would offer reimbursement. They said up to eight weeks to reimbursed, I said no way I am good! They said ma'am it never takes that long, it will be issued withing 48 hours. I switched over 4 lines, and was approved up to 12 lines. Here I am owing sprint, they locked my phone, and T mobile gave me 4 little antique flip phones to use. I am beyond upset!!!!! I have not received my reimbursement for my phones to pay off Sprint. They Spring will not unlock my phones until they're paid. I was talked to very rudely by a representative named Chelsea at T-mobile. They were talking all nice and good to gain my business, once they got me they pissed all on me, and they don't care about me enough to fulfill their promise to reimburse me so that I can pay sprint!  In the beginning I was happy and excited, so happy I referred almost 15 of my family members, I have never felt so ripped off in my life!!! After the 48 hours passed, and I did not receive my virtual card number, I felt sick to my stomach, because I felt like that had made a fool of me, and I felt immediate regret! Shame on you T-mobile! I had other family member's that received their reimbursements the same day, but mine takes this long???? Something is very wrong here. I will be cutting these lines off, and going back.

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      • I have absolutely never ever heard of anyone getting a switch reimbursement in 48 hours. You have to submit the final bill from the previous carrier to tmobile then it can take up to 12th weeks. You don't get that bill within 48 hours anyway.

        • dlangston05

          Re: The biggest dissapointmet and scam!!!!

          That's what I was told! They pulled the recording from the agent. That's why I am so upset.

            • e2k

              Re: The biggest dissapointmet and scam!!!!

              When dealing with this kind of thing (i.e., that costs a lot of money), I would not take a Sales Associate at their word. Sometimes they intentionally misrepresent the facts, other times they are simply misinformed. Instead, take the time to research the offer on the company's website. Make sure to real all of the fine print (the devil is always in the details).


              I like T-Mobile quite a bit, but I have been lied to by a Sales Associate as well. It happens more often than it should, so consumers need to do due diligence before moving forward with a major decision.

            • tidbits

              Re: The biggest dissapointmet and scam!!!!

              Are you sure you'd get the money in 48 hours or you would be approved in 48 hours?

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              • tmo_chris

                Re: The biggest dissapointmet and scam!!!!

                Oh my goodness dlangston05! I am so sorry that you are having such a hard time getting these reimbursements. The last thing we want to do is make you feel like you are being ripped off. The Carrier Freedom offer is meant to make it easy to switch to us, not harder 


                I cannot apologize enough that you were told you would get these reimbursements within 48 hours as that unfortunately not possible. Our turnaround time is definitely a lot quicker than it was when we first started this offer but as it stands right now, the typical turnaround time for reimbursements for customers switching from Sprint is about 15 days after you activate/submit your final bill.


                How long ago did you activate with us and when specifically did you submit your final sprint bill to ?

                • tmo_marissa

                  Re: The biggest dissapointmet and scam!!!!

                  Hey, dlangston05! Just wanted to check in here and see how things are going. We are never stoked to hear about a misrepresentation that puts a customer in a bind. As Chris mentioned, we've definitely worked on some improvements to the reimbursement offer so that you can get your $$ back faster than when we first started the program, but even with those processing improvements aside it can still take some time because you've got to receive that final bill from your previous carrier in order to be able to upload it -- have you had a chance to submit it on the switch site yet?


                  - Marissa

                  • tmo_amanda

                    Re: The biggest dissapointmet and scam!!!!

                    Hey, dlangston05!


                    As many have mentioned on this thread, this isn't the way we like to welcome new users to T-Mobile and I'm truly sorry this was your initial experience with us. Did you already submit your final bill on T-Mobile Carrier Freedom?