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Bill Issues and Customer Service


    Good Morning, so I have been with T-Mobile for 11 months now.   Since I have been with T-Mobile there have been a lot of issues.  

    #1 the bill is never the same amount they say it's going to be.

    When you sign up they tell you that the bill is going to be a certain amount but it changes with these arrows ever year.  Then you pay for the Jump service but they fail to tell you that you can't update your phone without a deposit if your bill isn't paid on time.  Well it's hard to pay a bill on time when you aren't receiving one.

    #2 We have not received 1 bill since switching over to t-mobile.

    So just about every month I have to set up an arrangement because for some reason we do not receive a bill.  I have addressed this issue several times with T-Mobile.  They want you to go paperless however can't verify if they have the right email.   I know they had the right email because in the 11 months I have been with them I have one email on June 1st for the Thankaversary notification.  To avoid stating that they have NOT sent me a bill they try to say we haven't been getting bounce backs, like I'm lying.

    #3 We get no notifications of payment arrangements until after the date

    The only notifications I am receiving is when the bill is past due, again due to the fact that we are not receiving bills.  So I go in to make a payment arrangement and after you hit submit the arrangement disappears. So you have to  basically have a photographic memory or keep calling to get the dates of the payment arrangement.  If T-Mobile will focus less on the commercials and more on making sure the customers are getting the service that they pay for then maybe it would not be so many complaints.  I shouldn't have to keep calling over an over again due to the fact that you all don't send any notifications.

    #4 Customer service acts like they are doing you a favor

    When you talk to customer service they say or we will do this for you this time only.  No you will continue to do it until you take responsibilities for your actions as anyone else has to.  Now if I was getting a bill and haven't complained about this before then it's my fault.  Due to the fact that T-Mobile can't show proof that I have received notifications and bills and copies of payment arrangement then that's that their for fault.  it's the fault of people not pay attention to their jobs and I don't pay more due to lack of attention on a companies part.


    I'm very disappointed with T-Mobile because a lot that is going on with my account is due to them dropping the ball.  We have to pay a deposit for not paying our bills on time when we don't receive them.  We have to pay restore fees due to not receiving the bills and notifications of payment arrangments.  Everything i am saying i can back up with my emails and phone text messages.   Can they do the same.  T-Mobile is going to have to do a lot for me not to take this further.  The proof is in the pudding, well in my phone and email.

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      • Does your billing date change every month?  Mine doesn't. 


        But then I get texts every month about my bill, and I have it marked on my calendar as to when it autopays and when it's due, and use the T-Mobile app, and I'm on ONE, so it's the same amount every month.  I also autopay to save some money.  I can see that transaction in the app and with my bank's site and app.

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          • nelso039

            Re: Bill Issues and Customer Service

            Well for the record, no I have never received a bill to know my actual due date.  I received one bill, a paper bill 5 days after I got my phone.  That's it. After that I have not received a bill in the email or a notification on my phone, which I stated in the message above. 


            I don't do auto billing because T-Mobile accidentally took $330 out of my account.  I don't have time for mistakes like that.


            Today is the first day I found out when my ACTUAL due date was so it wasn't me missing it.  I have more important things to worry about, like my child, her college tuition, my mortgage, car, insurance and my business.  Things that are a little more important that worry about T-Mobile and guessing when my bill is due.  However with all of those I get a notification when my bill is ready to review with a due date, like most companies do.


            So I hope this answers your question to why I am complaining about them.  They couldn't even see when they have sent me notification.  I sign up for notification when my bill is ready and due, not when it's past due.

              • Just figured you might have asked the CSR while on the phone. Also the app is a huge help.

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                  • nelso039

                    Re: Bill Issues and Customer Service

                    I don't know if you are trying to be sarcastic but I don't need this from you.  At the end of the day. I just found out yesterday that my bill is due on 17th.  In calling that is not my concern, my concern is why I am not receiving my bills.  Now if you would like to work for T-Mobile and find that out I would appreciate it.  Any more of you little sarcastic comments can be kept to yourself thank you. 


                    You said you receive notifications when your bill is due, shouldn't that be standard across the board.  However again, I have more important things to worry about.  If it doesn't change then I will I just take my business elsewhere back to sprint since they do send you an email and text letting you know you bill is ready to review the bill due date.


                    This is strike two with T-Mobile and I don't think I am going to wait for a 3rd.  The first is when my daughter's phone was stolen from her bookbag years ago and T-Mobile did not turn off the phone and allowed this thief to run up $900 worth of charges on the phone.  The girl was found guilty in court and I provided them with court verdict and they still tried to put it on me.  So sorry if I have not tolerance for T-Mobile's screw ups.

              • I understand you're not getting a paper bill in the mail or a notification however I'm not sure why you're not able to check the app or go online to view and pay the bill.


                I'm reading a lot of "I can'ts" but not a lot of "I can try your suggestion."

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                • tmo_marissa

                  Re: Bill Issues and Customer Service

                  Hey, nelso039. Thank you for taking the time to join our Community and post this feedback here. The idea of missing a statement for a single month is frustrating -- going almost an entire year without getting a single bill if your account was set up for paper statements is a huge problem!
                  The last time you spoke with our Care team, were we able to look over your account and confirm that it was set for paper statements? If so, then at this point there are troubleshooting processes and ultimately escalation tickets that need to be filed if your statements still aren't arriving. If it was set in error to paperless, then you should be receiving the kind of text message notifications you mentioned... but since it sounds like you weren't getting those either, this would be another set of provisioning troubleshooting steps and ultimately a ticket if everything is set up properly but the messages still aren't arriving. It doesn't sound like your last experience working with us went the way we'd like -- thank you for the feedback, we can definitely pass that along. Are you by any chance active on social media? If you are, we'd love to encourage you to reach out to our T-Force team on Twitter or Facebook -- like our team, it's an online communication format, but in those channels we're able to securely verify your account and take a look to make sure everything's set up properly and get it escalated if it isn't! While the T-Mobile app and MyT-Mobile are great resources to check up on your account, we don't believe that your balance and due date should be a mystery or your sole responsibility to log in and review. That's why we offer either paper statements in the mail or paperless billing via SMS and email. Since it doesn't sound like either of those things are working on your account, we definitely want to get to the bottom of this and get it fixed for you going forward. Thank you!


                  - Marissa

                  • tmo_chris

                    Re: Bill Issues and Customer Service

                    Just checking in here to see how things are going. Did you get a chance to speak with our T-Force team?